The History and Application of Augmented Reality (AR) Today

AR (augmented reality) has a lot of influence on how we work and play today. It has developed over time and continues to gain traction in common activities.

Most people think augmented reality is 21st-century innovation. It isn’t. Actually, AR has been around for several decades!

However, the recent improvements in augmented reality in Dubai and the rest of the world is attracting investments and interests across the world. It is obvious that augmented reality is the commercial commodity of the future.

Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) — What is the Difference?

Difference Between AR and VR
Augmented reality disruption isn’t a thing of today, it has been influential for long and this post was written to expose you more to the concept and amazing features of AR. You can easily spot the difference between the two and where they combine to work for one result.

Most people cannot differentiate between augmented reality and virtual reality, but they are easy to understand.

Virtual reality is a simulation generated by the computer to make the user feel as if they are in a different world. Its application is presently in 3D movies and video games. On the other hand, Augmented reality puts together real-life situations and virtual elements. The projection of the augmentations that are generated by the computer is meant to help us with various real-life tasks and efficiently handle what we do.

When the two combine, they enhance each other theoretically.

The individuals who deal in the augmented reality industry believe it is now time to hit the jackpot. They credit this belief to the fact that AR is growing rapidly. Others even dare say that it is going to be the next success story just as Apple. You can’t blame them because there is a rise in investments when it comes to augmented reality, and it keeps rising rapidly. AR and VR have a collective investment totaling 1.1 billion dollars.

Virtual Reality and AR (Augmented Reality)
The question is: can I see what could happen in the future?
My proud answer is that with the current pace at which augmented reality is massively improved, it could be possible!

The Invention of Augmented Reality

A professor by the name Ivan Sutherland and his student invented the first sort of augmented reality known as The Sword of Damocles way back in 1968. The system utilized graphics generated by a computer to highlight wireframe drawings. It is in 1990 that Tom Caudell introduced the words augmented reality. Later in 1992, Louis Rosenburg developed the functional augmented reality for the first time. It was robotic in nature and improved work efficiency.

Augmented reality continues to progress and according to how far it has come, the advancements are promising to deliver better each time. It has been used in theater productions, in sports, NASA applications, over the internet, aerial views, among other uses.

The Present Augmented Reality

Some of the significant applications that employ augmented reality include the 2013 Volkswagen AR use in their car manual that enabled drivers to visualize the internal workings of the vehicle. In 2016, Microsoft came up with the next iteration of AR that is wearable. Most people compare this development with the unsuccessful Google reveal of 2014, but it is more advanced. It is quite pricey and therefore not many individuals can afford it.

Pokemon Go is an example of AR and VR combination
Pokemon Go is an example of AR and VR combination to bring you a great gaming experience.

The gaming world is also enjoying the augmented reality with Pokemon Go being a classic example. Snapchat comes with its own games that apply AR built into the app, where your facial gestures can influence the movements in the game.

Future of Augmented Reality: Virtual Reality and AR (Augmented Reality)
What is the major difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

The Future of Augmented Reality

As it is today, AR is already incorporated into most applications in our lives. From the gaming industry, medical to the automobile displays, and workplaces, AR is helping better lives everywhere. However, AR still has a huge potential in the future. In so many ways, we should expect a revolutionary transformation thanks to augmented reality in Dubai. It is time you took advantage of this amazing technology to do wonders for your business.


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