5 Tips to Attract More Guest Authors to your Blog

Nowadays most blogs allow readers to guest post on their blog and contribute a guest post for them but Is your blog capable to attract More Guest Authors to your blog? Most people want to attract more guest authors as this helps to build a large community for their blog and also helps to boost blog traffic.

If your blog is able to attract more guest posters, then it would be easy for you to update your blog frequently and also it will add variety to your blog’s content. If you might be a blogger, then you too know the importance of building a large community of guest posters on your blog.

However, I will be sharing some Simple and genuine 5 tips to attract more Guest posters to your blog. I believe you will like the tips and apply it to your blog for good results as well.

Tips Attract More Guest Authors to your Blog

Announce Guest Blogging Contest

Announcing a Guest Blogging Contest on your blog is the #1 key strategy to attract more Guest Authors to your blog. Announce great and awesome prizes for the contest to receive guest Posts in bulk. Even though most bloggers are looking for blogs that give away awesome prizes. People really love contests as they can gain exposure from it and even they have good chances to win the contest. So, the most powerful way to get Large amount of guest posts is to announce a Contest on your blog.

Good Traffic

People from different blogs are ready to donate a guest post for your blog only if they find it really beneficial and your blog worth to get a guest post from their side. This thing can be easily seen on various different blogs that are having good amount of traffic and they are receiving good amount of Guest posts too. If your blog is having good & descent amount of traffic, then it’s quite easy for you to attract more guest authors to your blog.

Make a Dedicated Page for Guest Posting on your blog

Make a page on your blog about Guest Posting which lists the advantages of writing for your blog, Guest Posting guidelines,etc. and all the required things. However, Make a page about Guest posting on your blog and make it visible to all. So, that if anyone is interested in writing for you, he can easily navigate throughout that page and know about the details for writing for your blog. You can even show a snap of the visitors you are having (if possible), so that it can attract more Guest posters.

Give proper credit and backlinks to Guest Authors

Guest bloggers always would like to submit a guest post only when they find your blog worthy and beneficial of receiving a Guest post from their side just like I said earlier on. Add an author box in which you should allow them to add at least 2 links from their side. This will be giving proper credit and backlinks to your blog readers. If you are on WordPress platform, then you can easily add a author Box for each post with the use of author bio plugin.

Reward your Guest Authors

If you  are interested in getting more Guest authors for your blog, then you need to be more creative and reward your Guest bloggers. This not even make them happy, rather than that, they will donate more posts for your blog. However, you can also share this thing with the normal readers of your blog, so that this will also prompt them to be a Guest author of your blog.

So, I shared some simple tips above to get more Guest bloggers to your blog! However, if you have other tips, do share with us via comments.





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  1. Nick Powers Avatar
    Nick Powers

    You should check out my Social Author Bio plugin. You can find it here: https://nickpowers.info/wordpress-plugins/social-author-bio/ and here: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-autho-bio/

  2. sunny Avatar

    Thanks nice information.but is there any problem using guest posting

  3. Best Doctor in Doha Qatar Avatar
    Best Doctor in Doha Qatar

    All the 5tips were usefull thanks for sharing!

  4. Pinaki Avatar

    Nice post about blogging..very helpful tips to get guest author in blog.thanks for this post….

  5. Small Business VoIP Avatar
    Small Business VoIP

    Wonderful and very informative article. Guest Blogging is very good option for blogs. I will also try this. Your 5 Tips will work magically for my blog. Thanks for this information sharing.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      You are welcome

  6. Alena Sham Avatar
    Alena Sham

    Good post Olawale guest blogging is very powerful. I am gonna start opening my blog up for guest bloggers soon I have had a few guest posts but want to ramp it up a notch. It works out great for both parties involved.
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