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Amy Watson

Amy Watson has completed her education in Information Technology sector and then she has started working in eCommerce web to print research & development segment. After getting more than 5 years of experience in web-to-print technology market segment as well as eCommerce product customization software development & solution she found best interaction model about it. She really enjoys her success when she setup structure for start-up business by extending current model with highly reflective ROI model.

The future of 3D printing and opportunities underneath

3D printing model still has a long way to go to become mainstream print media solution! 3D printing is no more a science fiction but...

Variable Data Printing (VDP): An opportunity for bringing new business model to the market

Printing businesses are exploring different business models that lies in and around their expertise of making printing exceptional. Variable Data Printing (VDP) is one...

Print Commerce: Bridging generation gap of old industry with new age technology

Continuous development in technology and changing consumer behavior forces every industry to undergo some fundamental change. And now it is the time for a...

How Web to Print Technology is changing the face of Printing Industry

The Amazing Trend of Web to Print Technology... Web-to-print or Web2Print, also known as remote publishing, is a rapidly growing publishing business today. One reason...

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