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African leaders set to sign landmark trade deal at Africa Union Summit

African leaders will meet on Sunday to sign a landmark free trade agreement, and to discuss security issues and crises in the continent. According to the chairman, Moussa Faki, the heads of this African state will officially launch the...

Proposed Law to Force Big Tech Firms To Reveal the Value of Consumer Data

The big clampdown on misuse of user data by big tech firms is almost around the corner, thanks to GDPR. A new bill has been filed which will force big tech firm to report to financial regulators and the...

AFDB launches Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and its partners on Wednesday launched the (ADFI) Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility. The facility was designed to aid safety and expansion of digital financial transactions in Africa. The fund for the facility, which was...

7 Critical Skills needed To Run an E-commerce Business Successfully

The term "e-commerce" is used to describe transactions conducted over the internet. Many interact with e-commerce businesses on a daily basis either by purchasing physical goods, digital goods, or subscribing to online services. Some example of e-commerce businesses include: Shutterstock - A...

Forecast: Deadly Heat Waves Could Affect One Third of African City Dwellers by 2090

Deadly heat waves, is Africa on the brink of a natural disaster? A research assessment of possible occurrences, regarding the rate of climate change, and also socio-economic development in 173 African cities, was carried out by a group of researchers....

Zambian president pledges to dissolve KCM

Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, on Tuesday, pledged to dissolve KCM, the country’s largest copper producer, in a deepening dispute with foreign mining companies over tax and employment. KCM is owned by London-based Vedanta Resources, with the state-owned ZCCM-IH as a...

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Free Television Still Dominant Force Across Africa

Broadcasters to Take Centre Stage at DISCOP JOBURG. Over 120 free-to-air television stations, including...