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Blockchain Revolution – Is Blockchain Technology Really Dangerous?

Vlad Zamfir who is one of the founders of Ethereum and its lead developer has recently published an article titled: “Blockchains Considered (Potentially) Harmful”. I believe that the potential dangers of the blockchain, outlined in Vlad Zamfir's article are exaggerated...

How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your iPhone: 23 Free Tips

Every year, when announcing a new version of their operating system for mobile devices, Apple reports a significant increase in energy efficiency. Interestingly, but users do not really feel these improvements. Honestly, it is not always the fault of the...

Experts Tips and Advice for Buying Used Computer in 2016

With people being inclined to perform digital operations on a day to day basis, most of the people prefer having more than one computer for the reason of convenience. If purchasing a new computer proves out to be expensive, you...

How to Identify Cerber Ransomware and Prevent Yourself Against It

Ransomware threats are increasing day by day. They have crippled the cyber space and their activities are growing in number. Just recently confirmed, a new ransomware has gained entry into the web that encrypts the users’ files like any...

Privacy in the Future – looking from a different perspective

One of the premises of this post is that the Internet has created the  privacy problem. In some countries there is an instinct to solve this problem through regulation, lawmaking. There is however a different perspective on this problem...

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David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 10 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. David runs the Privacy-PC.com project which presents expert opinions on the contemporary information security matters, including social engineering, penetration testing, threat intelligence, online privacy and white hat hacking. As part of his work at Privacy-PC, Mr. Balaban has interviewed such security celebrities as Dave Kennedy, Jay Jacobs and Robert David Steele to get firsthand perspectives on hot InfoSec issues. David has a strong malware troubleshooting background, with the recent focus on ransomware countermeasures.
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