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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Samir Motwani

How to Cut Down Your Hiring Time With These Amazing Recruitment Strategies [Infographic]

The job market today is a candidate-driven one. Not only are the best companies fighting for business, but also for good talent. To get an edge over your competitors, you need to hire the best candidates. One of the best...

How to Build a Consistent Customer Relations With Ease

It's always better to retain customers than to attract new ones because the cost involved in getting new customers is much higher. Around 90% of online consumers shop from different brands. Statistics also reveal that, largest majority of these...

About Me

Samir Motwani is a growth hacker cut from different cloth unlike other entrepreneurs. He is a passionate designer with a prior web development know-how. Currently serves as the CEO for Salesmate, a CRM tool that lets you develop low-cost strategies for startups, and defining best business practices for budding ventures.
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The online education and eLearning marketplace is soaring to new heights and is expected to be worth $325 billion by the year...

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The Brainstorm: 7 AI Future predictions report 2020

With the latest trends, the market for AI is on the rise due to the rising number of cutting-edge benefits that its...