Auto-Backup Your WordPress Blog with DropBox Account

I will be showing you how to backup your WordPress Blog with the use of DropBox online data backup service for free.

This will sounds cool for many bloggers because many of them don’t have backup of their website and this can make them loss the affairs of the site if care is not well taken before it is might be too late. Your website can start experiencing some negative things, when you have database attack from hackers.

In a situation like that,when you don’t have a secure backup of your site, you can lose all of your website to them due to ignorance.

So, how can we solve this? I have just stumble upon wordpress plugin that can allow you to back up your data from your website dashboard easily from a friend of mine, Onibalusi Bamidele. I think you should try to use it.

The application that I am talking about known as Backup To DropBox. This plugin works just the same way like your Dropbox account works. You can use it to back up your website easily from the admin area to your dropbox account without the need of download and uploading of file to and from your computer to the internet servers. You can get the plugin from your plugin directory inside your account.

Maybe you don’t even know what DropBox is or you don’t understand the functions of the service, you can read this post to know what you will get from using dropbox.

Steps to start the backup….

  • Search for the plugin with the name above in your wordpress plugin directory and then
  • Choose the plugin and click on “install” to start using it and then follow the next procedure by authenticating your dropbox account with the wordpress admin area and within some minutes, your website is ready for its first backup to dropbox.
  • Then you can start saving your website data into the dropbox folder for more security but, a notice here. Remember that you have 2GB free space in your dropbox and if you want to start using it for your website, I think you should go for the paid version where you can have unlimited space to backup files to.

To Register for DropBox…

You may not know how you can create your dropbox account talk less of saving data unto it, the read this article to know how to do it.

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