Bad Writing and Good Blogging: What’s the Catch?

This title is not meant to mislead you in any way. This is also not given as a paradox or humorous pun. This conveys what it means, seriously. The blogger in you may wonder ‘what’. But, this article expands on the benefits of bad writing for good blogging. I am a good blogger with a prolific and attractive writing style and you are here to exhort me to drop these positive qualities and adopt bad writing?

You claim that it is bad writing that fits for good blogging?

The wordsmith in you may be brimming over with these indignant questions. But be patient please. Let us roam around the bushes for a while, for our own sake. You are a good blogger who writes very well, without syntax errors. But as you are aware, there are umpteen writers in this blogosphere. Everybody wants to raise his own voice, to blow their own trumpets. Sometimes most of the bloggers do it in embarrassingly awkward ways. Out there, you realize that there are many players, and it is difficult to make a distinct voice in this cacophony. You also realize that many of them are poor writers, to be frank; you know that their writing sucks!How to Write Quality Content for the Readers

Should Bad Writing Activities of Others Bother You?

In a world where anyone can be a blogger, you feel that your voice is very hard to be heard, and you feel that there is a lot of unwanted competition. But, is it a negative thing to ponder on as you think? Well, let’s come to the point. These competitions can be good for you! How? First of all, it helps to notice your own worth among the bloggers. Even while bothering about others who may steal your readers away, you can realize your true worth. Just understand how good your posts and writing style is than many of the mediocre bloggers.

You also see a lot of blog posts with grammatical errors and communication flaws are common just because of the SEO tactics and social networking means. That too may make you disappointed and there might be a feeling in your mind that your best efforts are noticed less when compared to the unwanted attention gained by others.

Here is your turn for retrospection. Can’t your posts fare far better if you too can make use of these unique ways? Well, you can attract more users to your blog. Just be attentive to the nuances of article marketing.

Well, the most important thing about the numerous bloggers who ‘write poorly’ is that you can bank on them. Yes! They need someone to improve their posts, edit them and make it stylistically impressive and coherent in communication. Being a good blogger with an impressive, lucid and prolific writing style, you can coach them. You can coach amateurs to write better and eventually you can increase your followers.

Well, just think about the above mentioned facts. Change your attitude toward the umpteen blogs which fall below the average. Just stop fearing the competition they pose. Give emphasis to the positive aspects and think about how to bank on them. Eventually, you will realize that these bloggers who are out there just to make their voices are not an impediment but stepping stones for your success as a blogger. After all, bad writing is a positive thing for the good blogging.

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