Battlefield 3 Becomes Real – Creating The Ultimate FPS Simulator


Battlefield 3 has been launched with over 3 million pre-orders alone, and already players and teams of people are trying to find new and more immersive ways and techniques of playing the game better. The hosts of UK’s Channel 5 The Gadget Show has decided to take this to the next level by creating a simulation device that sports a full 360 degree HD projected screen — for total visual immersion — and a combination of roller driven omni-directional treadmills and infrared cameras so that it can become easier to “walk around” inside the game and be tracked accurately. All of this is inside a giant silver tent.

The video below shows the research and construction processes of the simulation ten from the scratch to the finish, and over all it is very impressive and I love it.

Battlefield 3 Simulator Tent

The technology they used is likely the roller driven omni-direction treadmill. It is produced by a Swedish based company known as MSE Weibull, and it is marketed towards military organizations, I can see why it was a perfect choice for the simulator. The ability for people to move their legs to move around in the game instead of using the mouse and keyboard while the person sit idle at a task is super impressive thing about it. Maybe some bold company will find a way to bring this to the home; Given the rate of obesity in North America, some players could probably use the exercise.

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