Some Viable Benefits of using VPN Account

VPN is the process which makes it easier for people to bypass any forms of restriction they might have been experiencing while trying to access some particular websites on the internet. Even some times, it might happens that a website stores your browsing cache on its server and that site will have to limit the functions you can perform on it.

Take for example for a website where you wanted to use their free trial service, they may limit the amount of time to use the trial for a particular period of time by IP of the person who is using the service. In this kind of situation, you need a VPN service which you can use to bypass and access such a website.

At times, it may happen that a website server is not available in the location where you resides and you will need to access such website, what you need to do in such a situation is to switch to a nearby IP in that the exact country where the site is been hosted. In this article, I share below the real benefits of VPN and why you should consider one for your

Why would you want a VPN account?

  • Adding security layer for Wireless Hotspot Users
  • Home internet: the Cable and DSL service providers usually do not normally filter exploits from their networks!
  • Worldwide internet users: Many governments in different parts of the world, don’t want the people to enjoy the internet, with an IP address in the USA they can’t control you anymore.
  • Making orders online while traveling: Several online order forms that were being placed on some websites on the internet will detect your IP address which prevents them from processing. Those forms will be automatically blocked if you don’t use a VPN.
  • Full anonymity by hiding your real Internet Protocol address.
  • Full time security at all times with the use of VPN. All connections (e.g. FTP, Email, web pages) via a VPN service are encrypted so nobody can see the data you transfer.
  • Fixed Unique IP addresses in the USA ,in Europa and in Asia
  • Anonymous surfing on the internet
  • Any online game in the USA or in Europe will work
  • Bypass geographical blocks on every website
  • Bypass ISP blocking for VOIP applications.
  • Protect your Wireless connection from unauthorised use.
  • Surpass Skype and other voip blocked in your area.
  • Be protected against bandwidth throttling by your ISP

What are other benefits have you derived from using VPN accounts till date? Please share.

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