Checkout these 4 Best Android Tablets of 2012

iPad 2 and Kindle have dominated the smartphone market until 2011 and for many tablet lovers it is like a luxury high-end gadget. But, things have changed very quickly in recent months. Several modern feature rich tablets are launched in 2012. All these tablets have very high configuration specifications and can give desktops and net-books a tough competition. Always pick the Tablet that is within your budget limits and that satisfies your overall needs.

Therefore, tablets are getting high popularity nowadays and many are considering them as a multi-purpose gadget. Here we are listing of 4 top Android Tablets that you can go for in 2012.

Here are the best android tablets of 2012 for android lovers around the world. These best android tablets are going to rock your world as android smartphone user.

Best Android Tablets 2012 List

1. Samsung P6800 Tab:

The Galaxy P6800 Tab 7.7 is the first Samsung tablet that has incorporated the latest AMOLED Plus display technology that delivers amazing colours. Super AMOLED screens has the best colour gamut, sharpness, contrast ratio and quick response time that makes checking text better and sharper. The Honeycomb platform has been enhanced further to deliver the ultimate user experience on a wider range of tablet devices.

2. Google Nexus 7:

The Nexus 7’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor delivers rapid efficiency and comes with a wonderful responsive display screen. Also, it is very comfortable to hold in hands and Android 4.1 brings a surplus of welcome improvements in Nexus 7. The lack of built-in extended storage and omission of HDMI are frustrating for some users. The bottom and top bezels are a bit too thick. With a beautiful display, quick performance, comfortable specs, and overall great media options, the Nexus 7 is no-doubt the best 7-inch tablet available in the market. Nexus 7 is noticeably thinner than Kindle Fire, thanks to its beveled bottom.

 3. Transformer Pad 300:

The ASUS Transformer Pad with multiple colours and a concentric style pattern sets a new standards in the art of tablet design. The Transformer Pad 300 delivers the power of a quad-core Tegra 3 chip, 12 hour battery life and a 10.1-inch display. A big plus factor for the 300 is that it comes with ICS out of the box. However, the price difference is very noticeable when it comes to the raw items used to build the Transformer Pad.

 4. Apple iPad:

Apple’s new iPad has an amazing new display, equally matched by a powerful quad-core graphic processor and the planet’s wide app and media store to supply its content. There’s a decent 5 MP rear camera present now, with 1080p recording capability. The new iPad is a little bit bulkier than last seasons model. Various apps and films are optimized for the display that might take up more space. With faster graphics, 4G Wi-Fi options, a better camera, and a magnificent high-resolution screen, the new iPad cements its place on the top tablet list.

So, what can you say about these android tablets? Are they okay by our assumptions or you think we score them higher than how they should be? Challenge us in the comment section below and let’s have a conversation on these best android tablets for 2012 and year beyond – that will only happen if android stop functioning well though.





7 responses to “Checkout these 4 Best Android Tablets of 2012”

  1. David Avatar

    Google Nexus 7 is the lead competitor for Apple iPad 3 & Mini which is upcoming in the recent months from now on. It is essential that one needs to decide the need, the reason & the usability of the product under one hood. One should be also aware that would that basically fit into the budget too. Well, in that case, Samsung has been ruling so far, but you never know, Google’s buzz all around can surpass it 😀

  2. Maddy Avatar

    Nice article admin but i personally feel that Apple ipad is much better than Transformer Pad 300 and it should be ranked above it. 😀

    1. nasir Avatar

      your prpgram is very nice

  3. Lawrence Avatar

    I love the Google Nexus 7 mini ipad, it has a very cool design, 7 inches is just what I want. Thanks for sharing.

  4. James Avatar

    I personally like the apple I-pad over all the other tablets because it possesses some extremely cool looks and a sleek body. The features of I-pad are any time better then the other tablets with additional features that almost give you the feel of using a computer or a laptop in a very compact space. Though it is a bit costlier, but it is worth all that money, it is an investment.

  5. JustWeddingz Avatar

    Android tablet most like to other tablet..

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