How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business

It is no more news, to open the global market opportunity for your business, you have to come online. Coming online involves you setting up a virtual office (website) where your local and international prospects can reach you and transact business with you without a physical meeting.Choosing the best domain name for your business

Setting up a website starts from purchasing a domain name from a provider. Selecting a domain name could be very critical; it is one of the factors that determine business success online. Choosing a wrong domain name could be detrimental to business image online, therefore, I come up with a short guide to help you chose the best domain name to help your quick business growth online.

5 Great tips to choosing the best domain name for your Business

1. Make it memorable

Business grow well when people are able to easily recommend product and services to their friends, families and acquaintances. A customer or someone who just came across your website should easily recall your website domain name when they are trying to recommend you to someone else. Make it something that people can easily remember.

2. Make it short

The whole world is lazy; don’t let them crack the brain before they can remember your site address, they don’t want to type long words as web address, make it short! It will easily sit in your business card; it will easily fit in search results.

3. Make it easy to Spell

You have a big advantage when your domain name is easily spelt, never try to style-up or else you will lose out on a lot of prospect. (E.g. Assuming you are in the mobile phone business; A domain will get prospects better than

4. Avoid numbers and Hyphens

Hyphen and numbers makes it difficult for people to easily remember your domain name (It will be easy to get on “” than

5. Include Keyphrase

It is important that your niche keyword appear on your domain name, this will help you appear quickly when people put a search through the search engine alongside improving your click through rate. (For example; let’s say you run a coffee business, a domain name like “” isn’t bad)

Following the tips will help your business grow faster online. If you have other tips to share with us, feel free to put them up in the comment box.






4 responses to “How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business”

  1. Jim C Avatar
    Jim C

    I am overwhelmed by your post with such a nice topic.

  2. farhan Avatar

    just one question to make. I’ve often heard that it is beneficial to have a Exact matching Domain. Is it true? and to how much extent does it effect on the ranking.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      It depends but it is beneficial to your content marketing strategy if you have one in place. Like one of my project I am currently working on. I had an exact match domain name for that project along with the country name at the end of it and in few weeks I’m sitting firm on the front page for all major keywords linking to the website across the continent. But when I conducted my research, I got to know that all that happened because I have a good content habit – I write well about the project and use variations of words that best talks about the business without considering SEO as my target. The more update the website was, the better Google trust it and serve its contents on its platform for all major queries.

      So, lets forget all the permutation and all Google ranking and SEO tricks out there, get your EXACT MATCH DOMAIN and also put in the effort to get the result that you desired.

      That’s the way to go!

      Thanks for your time here Farhan 🙂

  3. Alami Avatar

    last month to continue i finding my web site domain name but i did’t find sweet able any name. but this article is give me the day for selecting names.. thank you so much dear Daniel.

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