11 Best iPhone and iPad Finance Apps

We have covered many topics related to mobile apps on this tech blog, and now is the time for us to cover the top best finance apps for 2013 and beyond. So, here are 10 of the most useful finance apps I found helpful with everything from saving money and time in the grocery store to investing in the stock market. You can also let us know about other finance apps you have used, or presently using, and what your experience with them are like.

Best iPhone Finance AppsBest finance management apps


With Gekko, you stay up to date with market news from several sources in one clean interface. You can control the kind of information you receive by choosing the sources you want. You are in control of everything. It is also optimized for browsing by simply blocking pop ups and having a cache system that loads very fast. It is highly ranked in the best free finance apps category both in the App store and iTunes.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager 

Wikinvest allows you to track all your investments accounts; this is done by importing your brokerage holdings into just one place. It allows you to import holdings from over 60 major brokerages with a high secure connection. Real time news and quotes is also available for you to be current. Apple rated this finance apps higher in the top finance apps set in the app store because of its nice features.


Economy gives you an overview of the US economy and also for individual states. This top finance app regularly updates key economic indicators as soon as Government numbers are published to the public and it also tracks the history of the indicators of the past months and years. The key indicators include Housing, GDP, Employment, Management, Trade deficit and inflation. Search no more for best finance app in the app store when you can easily use Economy app which is ranked third in the free finance apps category on the iTunes.

CNBC Real-Time

This app delivers to you live streaming real time (like the name implies) quotes before, during and also after-market hours. CNBC app offers you customized timeframes from 1 day and up to 5years displaying pre and post market trading. You will get among others exclusive to and breaking news from CNBC, you can also create your own watch list.


MarketDash from Yahoo gives you full access to your watch list, investment portfolio, breaking coverage of breaking market news and stock performance comparisons.

iTrade – Stock Market Stimulate

iTrade app helps you learn how to best invest in stock by a realistic Nerdtrade.com stock trading stimulator. It allows you to manage up to $100,000 virtual stock portfolio with the added advantage of trading near real time quotes, with interaction and competition with other members enabled.

Pageonce – Money and Bills 

It automatically tracks all your bills and you can and you can easily pay your bills with this app (only for Gold subscribers) you get due date reminders, keep track of your often flyer miles, view bill statements and mobile minute statements and mobile minutes usage.

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Mint.com app allows you to track, manage and budget in one very easy interface. When you register an account with Mint you are allowed to connect your credit cards, bank account, loans and retirement accounts to pull and categorize automatically all your transactions. You get a clear idea of where your money is going with the aid of their easy to understand graphs and you are now able to create a proper budget for yourself.


iSlick is that app that helps you to find the most recent bargains, online sales and discounts with real time notifications. The deals can be shared with friends; you can vote for the best deals and browse the latest top voted deals.


Venmo app is a great service that can be used to reward friends; you can send or receive money from friends on your contact list after registering with your bank account along with your credit cards. And the good news is that this app comes free.


iReconcile is a daily budgeting app that allows you to categorize your spending, including any finance plan payments or credit card payments. There’s no excuse to not know where your major spends lie with clever apps like these.

Do you guys have other great finance apps that we haven’t mentioned here that you believe should be included? Please share them with us below






3 responses to “11 Best iPhone and iPad Finance Apps”

  1. Patrick Avatar

    Nice list. I got to agree with Gekko app. It is my preferred finance app as well. Good thing it’s free. 🙂

  2. Avinash Mishra Avatar
    Avinash Mishra

    Gekko works well..i too used it earlier.

    Thank you for leaving comment here, kindly visit again.:)

  3. Avinash Mishra Avatar
    Avinash Mishra

    Gekko is best, i also used it earlier as a finance app.

    Thank you for leaving comment here, kindly visit again. 🙂

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