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If you are football lover and you want a great selection of best football apps to make the games more interesting for you, then read this article that lists the best paid and free football apps available from the official apple store. So, we recommend you relax and read this article and if you happen to enjoy the best free football apps listed in this article, please consider sharing the article with your friends out there so they can also benefit from reading it.
Football is quite a popular game amongst the males of all the age groups. Even some females also enjoy this game. Just imagine yourself playing your favorite game even without going out. That is the thing what is brought to you by iPhone. You can enjoy football on your iPhone too now. There are a number of such apps in iPhone which are based on the game of soccer. These football apps are very much liked by the users of iPhone as they get to play their favorite game with just a single touch.

ESPN, CBS and Yahoo have created a number of official football apps for playing on iPhone. Apart from them, there are other apps too. Besides, one can also get various such football apps which provide them with different facts and news regarding the game of football.  These apps created specifically for playing football on your iPhone, turn your fantasies related to this game into reality, by letting you experience an entirely different way of enjoying football and creating your own fantasy soccer team.

Some of the Best Football Apps on iPhone are as follow below:

ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 Fantasy Football Monster ’10 is one of the great Fantasy Football Apps online

Unlike other previous versions, this iPhone game from ESPN can be downloaded all for free. Besides this, the tools for controlling your virtual football team have turned even better now. This app provides you a user friendly interface through which you can very easily manage your team and other activities of the game like selecting players, managing the team line up, dropping out the players, etc.

This app also has the features of live scoring, Twitter integration, Fantasy Football News and push notifications. If you want a great deal of football app that lets you enjoy your footballing experience, this app is the best because of its capabilities.

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CBS Sports Pro Football

CBS Sports Pro Football apps
CBS Sports Pro Football apps

This app from CBS has some nice features like high class management and controlling tools for one’s fantasy team, facility of NFL live scoring, latest news of football, etc. This app also contains a good collection of videos from which you can watch the highlights of any football game or interviews of any football player. One can very simply increase and decrease the number of players in his team and also manage the lineup of his virtual team in this exclusive iPhone app.

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Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’10

Yahoo! Fantasy Football apps 10This iPhone app from Yahoo has gained high ratings from various websites and is quite popular. This app costs nothing as it is freely downloadable in your iPhone. The interface of this app has been updated from previous versions and the notable feature of live scoring has also been included in the latest version. With a much sleeker look, this is a perfect football app for iPhone 4. Apart from other managing features of your fantasy team, you can also view schedules in this app.

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RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011

RotoWire Fantasy Football App Draft Kit 2011This is an app by Roto Sports Inc. and has always been popular for its peculiar features like cheatsheets, fantasy football news and player projections. One can very easily customize the scoring system of the game and can select the best players for his team with the help of its Draftkit. This app also has the Individual Defensive Players Rankings which is a powerful tool to manage your draft.

One can also adjust the Watchlist offered by RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011 to keep track of any news related to any particular player. But you will have to spend $4.99 out of your pocket for downloading this fantastic app.

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ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Kit

ESPN Fantasy Football Draft KitThis app created by ESPN can be downloaded for free in your iPhone. This one is quite different from other football apps as it offers various statistics for customizing one’s draft. This app also contains the rankings of about 500 soccer players along with their individual player cards and other professional information. The information about these football players keeps on updating regularly. You can arrange the players according to their ranks and other specifications; and can also email such draft list.

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Fantasy Football Monster ’10

This is the best app for those people who manage a number of virtual football teams on ESPN and Yahoo. Fantasy Football Monster supports the fantasy teams from both, ESPN and Yahoo, but it does not work with the CBS teams anymore now. Like other football apps, this app is also capable of performing all the basic activities like dropping and adding players, controlling the lineup of team, etc. Besides these, this app also contains the features like viewing standings, completing trades and getting latest information regarding football. But one has to pay $2.99 for enjoying this exclusive iPhone football apps (click here to check the famous Samsung Galaxy S3 as a bonus for reading this post :))

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