25 Evergreen, Best, and Free iPhone Game Apps for Gaming Addicts

iPhone rated highly on counts of its style, dynamism and affordability are marked by a distinguishing attribute.  The distinction relates to its exhaustive range of applications. After all, these applications can add to your fun-filled spree of games and adventure.

With iPhone under your belt, you just don’t communicate but add a frill to your experience with multitasking.

“I have received a couple of emails from readers of this blog asking us to cover the best and top iPhone game apps for all Apple iPhone devices. The majority of those emails are from our esteemed and long time users who cannot do without them supporting us till this stage! And that’s why this post is going to focus mainly on some of the best iPhone game apps for all our readers that love playing games.”

However, before you start downloading these iPhone games, I’d like to share with your some other gaming apps that we have posted on this blog in the past that we are certain to give you more gaming time in order to be more productive:

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Having to put up a judicious mix of fun, thrill, reason and mind-boggling puzzle; here is a brief look up at the 25 leading game apps that you can go ahead and download to your Apple device and start enjoying your mobile life.

Best iPhone Game Apps

world of goo iphone app1. World of Goo 

Unravel the intrigue in the ‘World of Goo’

It takes you into a fun-filled world, but the world is marked by intriguing mystery. Isn’t that pretty interesting? The plot is original and involves quite a bit of innovation. So, you need to put on your thinking cap as well.

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hedgehog iphone2. HedgeHog

Gaming with the hedgehog!

Doesn’t that sound exciting, particularly if you happen to adore the classical creature? Replete with music and stints of frolicking, the game stands out as an enthusiastic piece of recreation.

This game is really an exciting game if you want to consider playing it today. It is ranked among the all time best iphone games ever in history of the phone.

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anamoly warzone earth3. Warzone

For a ride around the ‘Warzone’

The fantastic piece of creation with its action packed bonanza makes you use your mind as well. You have all it takes to destroy the alien hordes with your armour and all the fighting tools at your disposal.

The game reminds me of the bedtime story I was used to when I am still young, my parents will keep giving us some part of their experiences during the war before we finally obtain our independence. They’d explain how the soldiers use their weapons and many other things. This game brings about that in reality!

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4awesome dragons. Awesome Dragons

Enter the world of dragon and win!

In case, you are on the lookout for a mesmerizing ride through a land steeped in fantasy, the application will guide you towards the necessary target. You know how dragons behave in real life right?

In normal dragon games out there, you have to overcome their hurdles before you can advance to the next level of this game but this app is not about gaming at all, it is about giving you great idea of how dragons from all part of the world behaves.

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ZombieSmash iphone app5. ZombieSmash

Smash it out with the breaker which is amazing!

The application based on speed and dynamism, is bound to hook you on an amazing spree of smashing. You must smash your opponent and win the game or else, something bad will happen – you will crash out of the game!

You are great Zombie and you must try your skills against the living by using all your power to overcome them.

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PuddingCamera6. PuddingCamera

A jiggle piece of pudding!

When you choose to relax with your set of iphone, don’t forget to revel in this enlivening piece of cartoon thriller. This app has been featured on Mashable recently because it is a nice app for capturing events and re-organizing your iphone default photo-snapping feature to make it take nice and awesome pictures.

It is highly ranked as the British #1. iPhone Photo App ever in history, and it is very popular throughout the world. The app comes with an Automatic Face Recognition feature camera  mainly for back and front facing cameras and since iPhone comes with nice cameras, you may think it is useful, not really.

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rail maze iphone app7. Rail Maze

Well, dragging a cube through a puzzling mess can be mind boggling as well as enlivening. That’s what the game is all about. Rail Maze is developed by the same company that develop Bubble Explode and Pumpkin Explode, the Spooky House Studios.

In this game, you have to solve over 100 challenging puzzles by building rail roads, bombing through obstacles, and escaping PIRATES on the rails in order to attain the victory level.

Rail Maze Features: 

  • 100+ puzzles
  • Bombs
  • Super long trains
  • Tunnels
  • PIRATE trains
  • Global online scoreboards by Scoreloop
  • 4 game modes
  • Snake
  • and more

Get Rail Maze by clicking here to Download

wheres my water iphone app8. Wheres My Water

Are you on the search? Does it relate to your search for water?

The game can keep you glued to the display for hours together because it is as much addictive as intriguing.

Where’s My Water for iphone application is an engaging and challenging physics-based puzzle game gifted with intuitive controls, vibrant graphics, and a sensational sound track to make the game enjoyable. To win the game, you have to be more clever and keep your eye out for the toxic ooze, algae, triggers and the traps. If you can avoid all of these, nothing else can stop you from winning to the next level.

Update! The game now has support for the Apple iCloud for synchronization of your points and progress all across other multiple iOS 5 devices. One game on multiple apple devices with the support of the iCloud!

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soccer fan fun iphone app9. Soccer Fan Fun

This game is for all the soccer fans out there. You enjoy watching soccer? Right? Don’t worry much as this game will add fun to your watching activities.  You need to buy this app and read its guidelines so that you can use it successfully.

New Features in version 1.9 of the game

1. It comes with increased accuracy and reliability when syncing with other phones
2. Better accessibility when other users join the game at different times during the game
3. Ability to store the last logon details for easy when logging in again in another session

The game application involves a thorough game plan, tactics and ploy. As suggested by the name, it is about the game of soccer.

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rhinoball iphone app10. RhinoBall

Gaming with the rhino is always exciting!

For a mish mash of fun and adventure; you can have your precious set tilted back and forth. That will ensure a whale of a time with the rollicking rhino.

Created by Walt Disney Pictures. Use the right, left, forward and backward button on your iPhone to guide the Rhino through out the city streets, avoiding obstacles, cars on the way in order to finish the game on a high note.
How fast can you go?  Let’s know in the comment section.

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whale trail11. Whale Trail

What about piloting a copter in order to get the enemies away?  Do remember that they are on their spree of attack with copters, tanks, planes and what not.

In this game, you have to fly the Whale, Willow by name, higher in the sky through the magical world of Rainbow Land. However, watch out not to make mistakes by avoiding the stubborn Baron Von Barry who is always on close watch of Willow’s tail.

Through out each level in the game, you will see bubbles, collect them. Loop the loop and do much more.

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skywork basketball12. Skyworks® Arcade Hoops Basketball™ Free

It’s going to be a fun time playing basketballs games on your iPhone! In this game, all you need to do is to use your finger to control the game in order to reach your target.It’s pretty simple; you just need to use your finger control to reach the necessary target.

You must beat the buzzer in this arcade game in order to advance to the next level of the game. In the Skyworks® Arcade Hoops Basketball™ Free game, you have sink as many baskets as you can against the time you are being given, and failure to do so means, you are out of the game.

This game apart from its en-trailing features, it comes with Facebook social media integration that will lets you challenge your friends on the site for more glory.

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Tap Defense iphone app13. Tap Defense

Put your strategy building prowess to the test with the gaming spree of ‘TapDefense’. It’s all about testing your ingenuous skill as you set out on your cherished mission.

You have a great task to accomplish and that is to defend the Gates of Heaven from all the enemies of Hell.

The game, TOWER DEFENSE game comes with support for iPhone, iPod and Touch devices.

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Canon iphone app13. Canon Ball

Another action packed application has you in a position of power with the commanding canon. It’s a sure test of your efficiency. It look similar to the popular iphone and android game, Angry Birds.

You have to shoot the canon to the sky and guide it so that it will not hit the ground just anyhow and every time it does hit the ground, it must go back up.

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golfshot iphone app14. Golfshot: Golf GPS

Golfing with the smart one requires great skills!

This is yet another relaxing venture as you go ambling with your smart device. You need to be on a swinging spree to find out your achieved range. Yet again, it is the accelerometer which comes into use. Play golf like a professional and win the game with this awesome app.

This game GPS facility can work on iPhone or GPS-enabled iPad phone. Show your skill and win the game of golfing against the experts!

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labyrinth lite edition15. Game of LabyRinth

The game with its three dimensional exuberance will set you on the roll. All you need to do is control a rolling ball; make it move from one point to another so that it doesn’t slip into a hole. The classic labyrinth game is back again! It comes with 10 fully playable levels that will give you an awesome experience.

The full version of this game has over 1000 levels for you to test out your skills.

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jellycar iphone app16. Driving your Jelly Car

The spongy car has to make its way through inroads similar in make. The ultimate target is about reaching the outlet.

JellyCar is a driving game for both iPhone and the iPod touch. The game is all about driving your squishy car through the rough and squishy worlds, in order to reach the exit.

JellyCar comes with a soft body physics for all of the objects that is the world. Also your car can change into another mode for a limited time in order to aid progression through the level.

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draw iphone app17. Draw

The game mimics the roads of life smitten with obstacles. In this game, you create paths by means of the touch effective screen. But then, it doesn’t end with making platforms of travel because you need to go past obstacles as well to score the necessary point.

If you are someone who travels a lot, Draw is for you to be more funnier on the way. Just draw and be more creative throughout your travelling journey. It is good for everybody that wants to just make his or her environment funnier.

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beat sneak bandit18. Beat Sneak Bandit

Sneak Bandit to have the clocks stealing

The game with all its rhythmic control has you listening as well as learning. It is fun maneuvering the sneaky Bandit focused on her stealing spree. All the clocks in the world have been stolen by the popular clock thieve, Duke Clockface, and the world is in chaos over this incident.

However, the task is now for the Beat Sneak Bandit to go and steal the clock back from Duke Clockface!

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reckless racing iphone app19. Reckless Racing

Are you interested in a speedy bonanza of recklessness?

The game with its orientation to fun, adventure and speed includes a fantastic bevy of cars, super cars and as many as twenty-four mishmashes of routes. Go through the rough and glossy looking gaming scene by conquering your friends from all part of the world with the use of your social media account on Facebook – the game fully support social media interaction in the game and you can also play with the computer by default. Also, you have selection of cars to choose for your race if that’s what you want!

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pizza vs skeletons iphone app20. Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Pitting Pizzas against Skeletons, how does that sounds?

That is bound to sound as a puzzling mismatch of fear and fun. The game involves three different levels and it’s all about stopping the skeletons. But how do you stop them from prowling? It’s to be done with pizzas.

This game is very popular with its review on AppSmile, it was a great experience reading the review there about the game.

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blocks free addictive puzzle21. Puzzling with Blocks

The bright and vibrant package of colors is all about your skills of matching and that of building letters.

This is like a traditional kind of puzzle game where you have to slide the block from the top to down, right to left and vice-versa in order to have a solution to the puzzle.

This game is a FREE version of the popular game, the Blocks, and it only contains one level; the easy difficulty level. However, to play the other level of the game, you can easily use the UPGRADE option in the game menu to upgrade to the medium, hard and expert levels to enjoy the game better.

There’s one thing that you might not like in this FREE version of the game, the free comes with sponsored ads and the ad will disappear as soon as you upgrade.

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ziggurat iphone app22. Ziggurat

You need to ward off enemy attack and that too while standing alone on a stone like structure of a pyramid.

ZiGGURAT is a game that talks about an end of a much longer story — a story that features The Last Human On Earth standing on the top of a stratosphere-high stone pyramid, fighting the war out with a laser rifle against enemies – an endless wave of alien freaks.

Where did these alien freaks come from? How did the hero in this game get to the top of that pyramid in the game? This game will tell you better about that.

The mission in this game is to kill as many aliens as much as you can.

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pirates of the caribbean23. Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas

This game is no more a new thing for the mobile gaming industry because it is a very popular game. This game combine storytelling with an awesome graphic display to give the person playing it a nice experience. In this game, you need to master the art of creating your ship, building your crew and embarking on a quest. The game has many great features such as:

Ability to invite your friends to your crew because the bigger your crew, the stronger you are!

You will be able to fight against other pirates in order to gain rewards and increase your chances in the games

You will also be able to buy new weapons, cannons, amulets and other equipments for upgrading your ship

You will explore different location of the world, buy good properties and complete quests to get more experience.

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SpongeBob's Super Bouncy Fun Time Deluxe24. Fun time with Bob

The game is simplistic yet entertaining. You just need to help Bob in his spree of jelly fishing.

Your task is to help SpongeBob Square pants and his best friend, Patrick Star to collect all the jellyfish to safety using the super special ball blaster tool in this super epic adventure game. Nothing else than to help him in order to help the Jelly Fishes.


tripple town25. Triple Town

It puts your architectural excellence to test as it is all about creating one big city using the three different blocks of puzzle.

If you are good at architectural works, this game offer you an option to showcase your architectural skills by building a great city with a given puzzle of blocks.


I hope this post cover the area you wanted us to cover for you? I believe you have been able to learn about these best free iPhone game apps for your apple device? Please add your comments below because we’d like to hear your own side of view about these great apps for all iPhone gamers.

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