List of the Best JavaScript and jQuery Books for novice & intermediates

Today, you will find many sources to study new topics, but nicely printed books have the perfect charm and immersion for getting started. With the advent of handheld devices, the reader is surrounded by the multiple options to read the ebooks at your fingertips for immense convenience. Certainly, what I experienced during the course of digital reading that the reader is often disturbed by frequently popping up elements on the screen of the PCs s and tablets. This is why I prefer real learning through good printed books, where I can use my pencil/ marker to highlight any topic (I’m sure you also do the same). According to me, printed books will never lose its significance (if I’m not mistaken).

Today podcasts and ebooks are considered the most portable learning options, where the users can carry it everywhere without bearing extra load. Also, I admit that ebooks have speedy responses for reference look up than going through the index in a traditional book.

Through the featured blog, I have created a small compendium for beginners to render a smart start up to the JavaScript language. The featured books on this blog have been finely selected (after review) that possess powerful introduction and new concepts to learn JavaScript with useful illustrations. Also few books are focused on jQuery, as I know that being a JavaScript programmer, it is also an essential facet to learn JQuery framework. As professional Magento web developers can create rich-functional e-commerce store, similarly the seasoned JavaScript developers can produce fully-fledged dynamic web applications.

On Serious notes, you may go through the referred books to set a good command over the JavaScript and jQuery.

 Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web GraphicsLearning-Web-Design-Beginners-JavaScript

By Jennifer Niederst Robbins

‘Learning Web Design’ could prove a great book for enthusiasts that want to dive into the programming pool. The good thing about this book is that besides learning experience, the novices can refresh their knowledge with drill tests. At the end of the each chapter they can find “Test yourself” section that can be a great boon for the ones that want to revise and refresh their knowledge side by side. It has good programming concepts to learn JavaScript, especially for beginners who have never done programming before. Also, the book has maintained the interests all through the book, without actually making the learner bore.

JQuery Pocket ReferenceBest JavaScript and jQuery Books

By David Flanagan

David Flanagan is a renowned author, who is actively behind many programming languages. Learning jQuery from his perspective could be a great experience for novices. The ‘jQuery – Pocket Reference’ is a not any ordinary reference book but it is certainly designed for novices to understand and learn the framework in a friendly way. However, the experienced developers can even refer them to enhance their command over jQuery’s potentials & internal workings. As jQuery is one of the easy to use programming platforms that many developers start using it without actually getting into the details. For them it is also a good option to set a robust attempt towards jQuery.

Learning jQuery, Third EditionBest JavaScript and jQuery Books

By Jonathan Chaffer

The book begins with a brief and crisp introduction to jQuery. During the learning phase, the novices can get a clear understanding about jQuery and why it works so well. The book is packed with great illustrations that exhibit how complex logics can be made simple & possible through plain JavaScript (without actually using jQuery). Also it demonstrates the noticeable benefits of jQuery in regards of time. According to me the book is an ideal choice for both novices and seasoned jQuery lovers.

JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing ManualBest JavaScript and jQuery Books

By David Sawyer McFarland

Learning jQuery is a mandatory skill set of JavaScript framework. This book is good for novices to get good hands JavaScript and jQuery with the highly driven illustrations. The three beginning chapters of this book focus on JavaScript introduction to the root with robust understanding. The author wonderfully takes the interest from basic techniques to core advancement. You may discover that how to solve the complex stuffs using available jQuery Plugins.

JavaScript: The Good Parts Best JavaScript and jQuery Books

By Douglas Crockford

Without much introduction about ‘JavaScript: The Good Parts’, you can find this programming book in the library of many seasoned programmers. The book is a good pickup for novices as it has powerful overview and introduction elements to JavaScript. However, if you talk about the latest developments then it lacks behind, else a good startup for beginners.

JavaScript: The Definitive GuideBest JavaScript and jQuery Books

By David Flanagan

Remember David Flanagan as we have discussed about him in the previous section, who is an immensely active author on varied programming languages. ‘JavaScript – The Definite Guide’ is one of the popular editions, reckoned as the most mature books since 1996. With this book, the novices can incorporate the best development practices in their programming skills. It is a 6th edition that highlights the major topics of ECMAScript and HTML5 that most of the enthusiasts were looking for.

In this latest revision of the book, new chapters are inscribed to give learning about server side JavaScript. The book has 4 divisions, i.e. Core JavaScript, the Core JavaScript Reference, Client-Side JavaScript, the Client-Side Reference.

Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQueryBest JavaScript and jQuery Books

By Richard York

The best jQuery book (my personal) I would suggest to go for. The book has all the technical ingredients to diminish the coding load to write in JavaScript. The enthusiasts can step by step learn many interesting concepts about jQuery including the installation, slide, show, handle the array and more elements, very smoothly.

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers Best JavaScript and jQuery Books

By Nicholas C. Zakas

Well, if you prefer to learn from a professional level book then it depends upon you. Though, this book is good for the people that are already into programming but new to JavaScript then they can pick it confidently. The book adopts comprehensive approach and best practices for learning JavaScript.

David Meyer is a professional writer, working dedicatedly at CSS ChopperMagento Development Company (in India) that is strongly engaged in leveraging the clients’ satisfaction through rendering prolific solutions for business enterprises.


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    Thats a great list of js and jquery books. Any one who wants to learn front end development should definitely make use of these lists.

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