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Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Times comes to feature the best music apps for 2012 and year beyonds!

Ready for the world to hear your music? Mobile technology makes it easy to compose and share your music.  While they may not replace a studio, these great apps are great for sketches and writing music anywhere. Just throw your iPad in a travel case, bring your headphones, and make music while you’re on the go with any of these iphone music apps.

In this series, we shall cover the best music apps for musicians and artists who cannot do anything than recording the best sound tracks for the masses. Having these best music apps around while traveling from one location of the world to the other will make it worthwhile because you can easily record new soundtracks immediately an ideal comes up. So, here are 10 of the best music apps for making music on the go for iPhone and iPad users.

10 Best Music Apps for iOS users

Tempo Rubato Nlog Midi Synth/NLogSynth Pro

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 4.0 or later ($4.99) and iPad ($14.99). This portable synthesizer lets you turn your living room – or anywhere else – into your own personal mixing studio with the help of your smartphones. Play tunes from the on-screen keyboard and connect to digital audio workstations via MIDI interface. The Tempo Rubato Nlog allows you to make audio or MIDI recordings anywhere and export recordings to iTunes, SoundCloud, Email, Beatmaker and others. The app includes 160 studio quality sounds.

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Meteor Multitrack Recorder by 4Pockets

iPad ($19.99) – The Meteor Multitrack Recorder features up to 12 tracks of high quality stereo, mono and MIDI audio, a built in mixer, and multi-effects processor. The powerful editor features include time stretch, pitch shift, fade in/out and many more, letting you fully customize your sound. You can import/export files through email or DropBox. Additional effects and editing components are available as an in-app purchase for a minimal additional charge (ranging from $1.99 to $9.99). It works with any smartphones made by Apple and Android.

Music Studio

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (14.99) – Complete music production software featuring excellent sound quality – rivaling many desktop applications and expensive audio equipment. Music Studio has a built-in 85-key keyboard, drum pads, 125 studio-recorded instruments (65 are free and the rest available in the in-app store), 100 drum loops, and sound effects.  Allows you to choose a category: classic, band, electronic and world, and export your songs via email, SoundCloud, iTunes and Wi-Fi.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. (Free to $19.99) – For the musicians who won’t leave home without their guitar, AmpliTube is the app for them. This app turns an iPhone into a guitar effect processor and recording studio. The app features 11 built-in stompbox effects, five amps, five speaker cabinets and two microphones; recording features allow you to slow and speed up the tempo without affecting pitch and import songs from iTunes for backup.


Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later; iPod touch 3 generation or later; and iPad (9.99) Awarded the Music Making App of the Year in 2011 by the Music Industries association, SampleWiz uses Dirac technology to let you record your own samples of just about anything. The program lets you record up to 10 seconds per sample, and gives you three sampling modes for unique sounds. Other features include dual keyboards, looping options, morphing from one timbre to another and featured presets from the developer’s private collection.Music Apps for music making lovers

Sample Tank

Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later; iPod touch 3rd generation or later and iPad; ($19.99) – An orchestra at your fingertips! Sample Tank includes hundreds of instruments – from pianos and organs to drums to guitars – so you can make music on the go. This app that top the best music apps category features 16 instrument categories, more than 500 instruments that can be played in up to 4 simultaneous parts and more than 1000 melodic and rhythmic patterns. Sounds are played on the built-in keyboard and enhanced drum pads

BeatMaker 2

Compatible with iPhone 3S and later; iPod touch 3rd generation or later and iPad. ($19.99) BeatMaker is more than a synthesizer – it’s a mobile music workstation. This app is intuitive for a beginner and powerful for a professional musician. BeatMaker lets you build your own home-studio to compose, record, and arrange songs and share them with others. The app features more than 170 instruments and effects, time-stretching and pitch-shifting tools, looping features and 1800 quality samples.


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad ($14.99) – MusicRadar.com rated NanoStudio the number one iPhone music making app on the market, and it’s easy to see why. Users can record their songs in real-time, mix layers with pre-loaded sounds and effects, compose and arrange songs with a built-in sequencer and share your song with the world through SoundCloud. The app features up to 16 instruments, mixer with 4 inserts per channel, and MIDI input.


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. ($4.99) FourTrack is a surprisingly powerful and very affordable music-making app. With 16 bit, 44.1 kHz recording quality, built in metronome, file import supporting .wav and .mp3, FourTrack lets you record, mix and upload your songs.

Garage Band

Compatible with iPhone 3S and later; iPod touch 3rd generation or later and iPad. ($4.99) You can’t go wrong with a classic app that’s been a favorite of Mac fans for years. GarageBand turns your iPhone or iPad into a recording studio.  GarageBand lets you play instruments and drum beats on your device, record your voice using a built-in microphone (and add some cool effects while you’re at it), start a jam session to make music with your friends and share all your tunes on iCloud, Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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