10 Top Best Apps for a Night-Out

Apps can pretty much be useful in every situation, everywhere – providing you have the right one installed. Loads of developers are now channeling this same train of thought and making Apps that can help us out even with the most simple of tasks. Perfect for a night-out then, I can hear you thinking! Yes, many developers have had this exact though, and there are now Apps that can help with anything and everything, from ordering a taxi, to checking how many units you’ve drunk so far. Here is a great selection, to get you started on your next night:

1. Bar Cards

barcards apps

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This App is a scavenger hunt designed for nights out. You’ll be asked to find all sorts of different items (or people) and the person who finds the most wins. It’s great fun if you’re in a big group of people, or if your night out need spicing up a bit!

2. Night Camera

night camera app
night camera app

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You know the morning after a night out, when you realise all your photographs are blurry or too dark? Well this App eliminates that problem and improves the quality of your photos hugely. It even has a self-timer option too – so you’ll get to make sure you’re included in the fun!

3. iLadies night 

ladiesnight app
ladies night app

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This app is perfect for planning a night out with the girls. If you’re in your home-town and want to visit and discover some new places – then this app will let you do that. Or perhaps you’re visiting a new city and need something to help you decide where is best!

4. Find my Friends

friends app nighout
friends app nighout

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Fed up of losing your friends on a night out? Or fed up of only bumping into them by accident? This app lets you find out where your mates are, so you can get to the bar in time for a decent catch up.

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5. Closest Beer App

closest beer app
closest beer app

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In a strange part of town and not sure where to find your next drink? Well just get this app downloaded! It’ll pick up your GPS location and point you in the direction of your next pint of beer. Perfect for if you don’t know the town very well (or if your too drunk to remember).

6. Taxi Magic 

taxi magic app
taxi magic app

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This great little app will be your best friend on nights out, when you don’t want to fork out the cash for a city cab. Using privately hired cabs can sometimes save you 30 – 50% on cab rides, so pre-booking is a great idea. It a simple, clean and classy app which is easy to use, even when under the influence.

7. Drink Tracker Breathalyzer

breathaliser app
breathaliser app

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Want to keep a track of your drinking habits whilst our for the night? If so then this app is perfect for keeping yourself responsible and on top of the game. By calculating how many drinks you’ve drunk and how many units are in them, this app calculates your blood alcohol level accurately.

8. Drinking Games Apps

drinking games
drinking games

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Having a quiet night in and want to liven it up? Or perhaps your night out needs a quick life because the atmosphere has dipped? Either way, this App will provide you with so many drinking games: you won’t be running out any time soon.

9. iPint

ipint app
ipint app

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This app will not only help you locate the nearest bars and pubs, but will also provide you with some pretty decent vouchers and offers you can use when you get there. Definitely worth downloading if you’re on a budget and want to say a few pennies.

10. Movie Night Out 

This app does the best of giving you a better movie playing experience during your night out sessions. You don’t have to worry on what to watch at the cinema because it will display everything you need on your device screen easily.movie nigh out app with cinema sync

<<App Link>>

These are the best and top ranked nighout apps and nightlife apps for people using apple products to download for making their experience a great one. If you love most of these apps or you have used any of them, kindly add your messages below and I shall surely respond to them one after the other.

Jonny Devine loves finding new apps that improve every aspect of his daily life. He currently works for Ladbrokes Bingo.






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  1. Nicholas Avatar

    Great list of apps, I have actually never used any of these, probably gonna download at least half of these, thanks for the info!!

  2. James Avatar

    Thanks will be very useful for the beginning of the evening, after a few drinks I’m not sure that I’ll be in good enough state to use the iPhone!

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