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5 Best Smart Home Devices by the Numbers – Unbelievable Devices You Can’t Afford Not To Have in Your Home

We live in an era of amazing technological advancements! In these astonishing times, where our smartphones are our lives and A.I. is every day one step closer to our doorstep, there is a definite urge to upgrade our lifestyle to the newest inventions! Here are 5 Best Smart Home Devices to add to our lives!

The Only Smart Home Devices You Will Ever Need

Smart home devices for the 21st century homes.
Truth is, you are missing a lot for not having these smart home devices installed in your home. They promises to change the way you think, feel and experience life the other way round.

Nest Cam IQ

Physical security nowadays is growing more and more important. This is why this product became the number one on our list. Nest Cam IQ is an indoor security camera that connects to your smartphone and informs you of any movement it recognises, whether you choose all movement or only intruder movement notifications. While there are a lot of similar products out there, we found this to be an outstanding product with enviable specs. To begin with, its 4k sensor, we get a great image quality which supports the facial recognition it provides! It has the ability to individualise all the people that come to your home and actually know if they belong there or not! Now, it surely takes up a lot of cloud storage, but it is a small price to pay for your security. Lastly, it has beautiful aesthetics that can fit in your home right in with its futuristic clean white style.


Time to get rid of the old and classical doorbells and enter the future with this gadget! A smart doorbell that connects with your phone! You can see whoever rings the bells and you can lower the sound to silent mode and get notifications on your phone! A perfect device security-wise and a game changer for your life!

Smart Herb Garden

Who knew that gardening and technology could grow so far together? For all the green thumbs out there with a love for high tech things, this product provides a great balance of oxygen, water and nutrients for your plants making it easier for them to thrive! It comes in a lot of different sizes but for family kitchen, the small size is perfect for all your thymes and dill and parsleys! With a water tank that can last for a month and its low energy consuming, it is not surprising to know that it is actually NASA technology inspired!

Asus Zenbo

For those who have seen the movie, Wall-e will adore this! A small robot that can assist in your daily activities at home and look utterly fantastic is something we all need now! ASUS zenbo is one of the cutiest smart home devices for the 21st century homes.

ZENBO is your smart little companion, courtesy of ASUS.

WALL-e discovers another purpose for its existence after hundred years loneliness devoid of what he was built for. WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek robot named EVE.

From connecting to the cameras in your house to controlling all connected electronic devices, it can ease a lot of tedious everyday things we do. Zenbo is also able to read stories to children with audio-visual stimuli! While it can only be described as a great technological achievement to assist you in the house, there is one word that comes to mind when one see’s it and this is cute! If you are in need of a companion, a playmate, then this is definitely the product for you!

June Intelligent Oven

Food is not only a necessity to us but a sweet tempting jollification! Imagine what we can do when we have an intelligent oven to support our imagination in the kitchen! June is an oven that updates automatically, has a built in thermometer and a digital scale! One of its weirdest components though is the HD camera that allows us to watch our food being made! It connects to your iOS phone and you can control everything from there and even watch it become something tasty!

In our time of extreme advancements, one can find a lot of amazing creations out there! Upgrading your life seems inevitable and this can be scary but thankfully, these smart home gadgets are so excitingly useful that any alarming thoughts can be set aside! Our built-in curiosity for anything out of our immediate understanding is what drives us to go forward and with the help of all these products, we can surely make our lives easier and more creative.

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