Top 20 Best Travel Apps for Apple iPhone & Others

Gone are the days of stressful traveling—when you cannot fully enjoy your trip because there are certain setbacks: outdated maps, lost reservations, language barriers, etc. Today, traveling is definitely made easier and hassle-free all thanks to the iPhone. Alongside the apps outlined in this post you may want to include one or two hotel apps, if you are travelling across Ireland or the UK you can easily relax in one of the hotels through the use of their app.

So, if you are looking for the best travel apps for iphone or your other i-devices, this post will give you a better idea of which one you should download and which one you should ignore. I’ve carefully selected the best of the best travel apps for iphone devices of your choice to help you as a reader of this blog have a  better travelling experience. Please check apple awards on Wiki for more info.

Here are the top 20 Best Traveling Apps for iPhone devices of all time:

wifi finder1. Wi-Fi Finder

This free travel application will help you track down Wi-Fi signals. True to its name, this app will find Wi-Fi for you in about 200,000 hotspots all across 135 countries. The only downside of this app is that it does not have an indicator as to which WiFi hotspots are paid or free for all.

2. The Weather Channel

Another free iPhone travel app is The Weather Channel—useful for any traveler whose itinerary relies greatly on a location’s weather conditions. This app is customizable and allows the user to check weather conditions in various locations at once.

writeroom3. WriteRoom

You don’t need to carry a tangible notepad with you when you need to jot down notes while on your trip, WriteRoom can accomplish simple word processing tasks for you. You also don’t have to worry about having to synchronize the text files you created from your phone to your desktop. This app, unfortunately, is not free. It costs $4.99 to download.

4. iBooks

Worried about the space your books will take in your luggage? The new iPad or Amazon Kindle too bulky to be in the carry-on? Well, this free application can solve that problem for you. If reading books is part of your traveling routine – whether you’re reading to pass time during a flight or a long drive – then iBooks is the best app for you. You can download it right to your iPhone and from there, download and read as many books as you want.

i am here iphone app5. IAmHere

For a price of $0.99, you can tell your friends about your exact location with the IAmHere app. It sends an email to your friends with a link directing to your location on Google Maps.

6. Cheap Gas

This free application is very helpful for travelers who bring their own transportation on trips. It’s basically what its name says: it tells you where to get the cheapest gas at your current location.

Where iphone app7. Where

This free application lets you know practically everything about your current location, from coffee shops to hotels to movie theaters and restaurants.

8. Tweetie

If you’re the type to still Tweet while traveling, then Tweetie is for you. For a price of $2.99, you can Tweet your travel photos as well as captions and comments with this app.

world customs iphone apps9. World Customs

This application, which costs $0.99, tells you about the do’s and dont’s imposed by customs and international traditions. This great app is useful for those who travels a lot to different and longer places. With the help of this app, they can learn about the customs and tradition of the place they are heading to or know everything about the place before going there.

10. Babelingo

Valued at $3.99, you can get access to a phrase book with about 11 languages and 300 entries. This app is great for travelers who have a penchant for being lost in translation.

next flight iphone app11. Next Flight

This app is recommended for people who always have trouble tracking their flights and itineraries. This app, valued at $2.99, tracks down flight departures from over 4,000 airports and a thousand airlines. With this app, you don’t have to spend hours waiting for the next flight when you can easily look them up on your iphone device and plan ahead of the time.

12. Google Earth

This is another free application that you can access when you are connected to the Internet. You can browse images of your current location and next destination as well as practically any other place listed on the map.

13. Packing

If packing has always been your waterloo, then ease your burden by creating a list of necessary items to pack with this great app. For a price of $1.99, you can create a packing list that allows you to tick off items as you have packed them.

14. UrbanSpoon

This is a free app that lets you in on the best local restaurants in the United States, London, Sydney, and Australia. Just shake your phone and watch as the dials point you to the best dining hotspots.

room iphone app15. Room

Room is a free app that is useful for travelers who always forget their hotel room number. You can log your room number into this program and be assured that you will never forget it again.

16. HearPlanet

A little pricey compare to other travel apps, HearPlanet reveals information about your current location through reading aloud the Wikipedia descriptions of your chosen location or attraction. It’s priced at $5.99.

lonely planet travel app17. Lonely Planet Phrasebook

Even more expensive than HearPlanet is the Lonely Planet Phrasebook that speaks translated phrases out loud. Valued at $9.99, this is a single language application that translates the source language aloud and comes in handy in countries with tongue-twister speech.

18. Air Sharing

For only $4.99, Air Sharing lets you save your files—from HTML pages to PDFs to documents to images—into your iPhone and allows you to access them anytime. This definitely saves you time and sometimes money when you have to download your files abroad. This app is also listed in our post about the best free android apps.

skype iphone app19. Skype

This is a free application that helps you get in touch with just about anyone. Cut back on the call and text messaging rates while you’re abroad. With Skype, you can keep communication lines open—for as long as you have Internet, of course.

20. FlightTrack Pro

flight track pro iphone appThis is another application that is well suited for individuals who have problems remembering their flight details. With FlightTrack Pro, you can email your airline confirmation details to TripIt and these will later appear in your iPhone via the app.


For as long as you are equipped with your iPhone, you can likewise equip yourself with amazing travel applications that will get you to your dream destinations with just a tap on the screen!






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    I am using Cheap Gas & Flight Track Pro! It has always helped me the most when I am on air travels!

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    I like specific apps for marketing. Games for smartphone using most by kids

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