7 Free iPhone Best Weight Loss Apps

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There are a lot of weight loss apps for iPhone, but you might as well try the best free weight loss apps we have in this post to save money. These free apps are not far behind the benefits of other expensive iphone apps (like the best travel apps for iPhone) so you really get two benefits in one—losing weight and saving money. You can get these at the Apple App store at https://itunes.apple.com. These weigh loss apps are sure bet apps for keeping your weight moderate at all times. You will never gain more weights if you can consider downloading one or two of these best weight loss apps for your iPhone device today! for Here are the free iPhone weight loss apps that you can choose to lose weight:

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Best Weight Loss Apps

1. Lose It!

loss it iphone weight loss apps
loss it iphone weight loss apps

Lose It! is a popular iPhone weight loss app that sets your daily calorie budget and allows you to monitor how much calories are left for you to eat in a day. In this way, you avoid getting excess calories that will add to your weight. It records your food intake and shows you the corresponding calorie content, which is then deducted from your total calorie budget. It is a full-featured weight loss app that also includes graphs to track your weight. The app is initially used by entering your stats such as age, height and present weight. The app also allows you to choose how much weight you want to lose and it computes your daily calorie requirement to meet your weight loss goal. It is not easy for Apple to rank app among all other millions apps in its store if not for the fact that this app is great and has good benefits. And that’s why it is highly ranked among the #10 best weight loss apps in the app market.

Editor’s take on this app: Last year, I wrote a guest post a guest post for Hive Health Media blog explaining the best 5 healthy apps for making people stay fit and this app was listed in my article because it was a great one. Consider this weight loss app!

<<Download here>>

2. Calorie Tracker

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Calorie Tracker is a free iphone app provided by LIVESTRONG.com. Using Calorie Tracker, you can monitor your fat, protein, carbohydrate and calorie intake during the day. It also allows you to access over 450,000 food items that tell you how much calorie they contain. It also allows users to compute for the total calories burned. An additional feature of this app is having access to the site’s forums and support groups for a more holistic weight loss program.

<<Download here>>

3. iPump Free Workout

iPump Free Workout
iPump Free Workout

iPump free workout is a free alternative to the iPump paid app. It is created by Declan Condron, an exercise physiologist. It contains same exercises included in the paid iPump app. iPump free workout allows you to watch videos, listen to music and record your exercise activity. This free app is a great weight loss app for those who want to exercise, but doesn’t know how to.

<<Download here>>

4. StepTrackLite

Step Track Lite is a simple pedometer that measures your exercises and records them to help you review your exercise activities. It is able to track exercises such as running, walking or strolling. This app works when it is inside your pocket, backpacks or fastened in your belt. You can also listen to music as you are doing your workout.

<<Download here>>

5. 40·30·30

40 30 30 iphone weight loss appsCalorie trackers are good at monitoring your daily calorie intake, but isn’t it better to get the actual nutritional info on the calories you eat? In this way you are able to track the calories you get from a specific food component such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

This app join the list of free weight loss apps for iPhone devices and you must download and install it on your iphone to enjoy it better. The 40-30-30 app is also listed in the best weight loss apps category in the Apple store for iPhone users as well.

<<Download here>>

6. iMapMyRun

imapmyrun gps running weigth loss appsThis is another free weight loss app that uses your phone’s GPS technology to track the time, distance, pace and speed of your run. It also connects to Twitter to let you tweet your exercise regimen. iMapMyRun not only tracks your runs, but other actives such as walks, and bike runs as well. It allows you to save your data for future references and allows you to sync to the iMApMyRun website for a free audio feedback regarding your exercise. iMapMyRun requires you to set up an account before using it. Nevertheless, it’s free so you don’t need to worry about charges.  This app is listed among the good weight loss apps category in the app store.

<<Download here>>

7. 2Fat

2fat weight loss apps for iphone users2Fat is a special app that lets you calculate your total body fat percentage and your BMI. It includes scroll wheels that let you choose your stats in order to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage. This is a good app to evaluate your weight loss goals in terms of BMI and body fat. This app is listed among the top weight loss apps category in the app store.

<<Download here>>

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  1. Thomas Avatar

    Well, I tried all & found Calorie Tracker to be the best one! They are like very accurate in their output as well as provides exact amount of calories!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Great! I love it too and glad you like it

  2. Carol Hong Avatar
    Carol Hong

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. It would prove useful to the one who wants to get into good shape but does not have time to gp to a gym or spend unnecessary money on expensive gyms and dieticians. These apps aid a lot if you follow the tips strongly with complete control over yourself. the apps are free and give you entire informatrion on your query related to any weight issues.

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