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Best WordPress Themes For Websites In 2016 That’d Stand You Out Of The Pack

Not all designers or developers would like animated, complex and a bright website. There are real life examples wherein the colorful and shiny “purchase now” buttons have discouraged the potential buyers or site visitors. Clean and good WordPress themes have these unwanted elements banished, to offer your services, products or contents in an elegant and a nice manner. Having a website which is functional, neat and direct allow your potential buyers to focus on the content which you are offering them and they will move on to think the value they would obtain from them. Another important reason why the clean WordPress themes are popular nowadays is the truth that subtle designs generally load quicker and offer good user experiences. A lot of top publishing companies are using WordPress such as TechCrunch, RecapToday, Glad; brands like Toyota Motors aren’t behind in the flow and many more. Themes that have simple designs for layouts and direct features will give your site proper functionality and flexibility. We make a list of such best WordPress themes for you this year!

Care about Uniqueness? Install These Best WordPress Themes Today…

1) Uncode

This template is well executed and looks professional as well as serious. It has got amazing versatility and is widely functional as well as refined in terms of technology. It is excellently crafted, pliable, and flexible and has got graphical compositions which are deliberate. Uncode has got splendid intuitive responses and is usable effortlessly. This bold theme that is expressive has been skillfully designed by dedicated UI designers and covers all the tools that a website needs.

Uncode WordPress theme
Uncode WordPress theme connotes the name it was given. It is far beyond coding; the ideology behind it is far beyond just putting some line together but instead, making something that STANDS OUT amongst its pack.

2) Soledad

This is beautifully refined as well as sophisticated. It is uncluttered, minimalist and amazingly constructed. The clever coding makes it efficient, reliable and robust to say the least. The theme is technically resourceful and proficient, effortlessly usable and has got good intuitive responses. It comes with a theme of magazine website and multi concept blog. Soledad is one elegant theme that covers infinite possibilities. The streamlined and simple page design built around this theme makes it a jot favorite.

Soledad Best WordPress Theme

3) Beoreo

This is a polished and clean, simple and streamlined WordPress theme. It is easy and has got great intuitive responses. It is an ambitious modern website designing platform that is both flexible and versatile for the web masters. It can effectively bring together seamless, functional and sophisticated websites readily, without needing to write one code. It is built with plugins that are premium, page templates and tools that makes the working of a website neat. The content sliders and video sliders are cleanly polished and the layouts are sleek. Besides, it has got a whole set of professional elements that a professional website deserves!

Beoreo WordPress Theme
Beoreo WordPress Theme is prebuilt with premium plugins and customizable page templates and tools that makes the working of a website neat. The content sliders and video sliders are cleanly polished and the layouts are sleek and these and more qualifies it to enter our best wordpress themes list.

4) FatMoon

This one is fresh and colorful, innovative and youthful, technically easy and instantly responsive as a creative photography website theme that serves multipurpose. It has been furnished to be a total thorough platform for combined development of functional, beautiful modern day websites across a wide range of niche and utilities. With this theme, designing a visually splendid interface is quicker and easier than ever before. It includes more than forty different websites for demo, and each layout has been optimized for best user experience.

FatMoon WordPress Theme
FatMoon WordPress Theme is one of the best wordpress themes ever you can see out there. It contains a visually splendid interface that’s quicker and easier than ever before. And also includes more than forty different websites for demo, and each layout has been optimized for best user experience.

5) Bateaux

With this aesthetically marvelous theme, you can design quick and engaging, intuitive and light weight websites that serve multi purposes. This is the result of skillful design and development, and is no less than any advanced website theme. It provides easy interface for the developers to design most sleek, unobtrusive and appealing websites. With the integrated layer slider and revolution slider it has got, you can keep your users glued to your content and is very easy for them to use.

Bateaux WordPress Theme is
Bateaux WordPress Theme is among our list of the best wordpress themes for 2016. It comes with intuitive design coupled with the integrated layer slider and revolution slider it has got, you can keep your users glued to your content and is very easy for them to use.

6) X – The Theme

This WordPress theme is the epitome of a beautiful theme. It is extremely functional and pretty, and has got something to offer to everyone. It provides quantity and quality, that is hard to find, and has got a whole set of elaborate features. It offers you the tools you would need to design a distinct website on your own. With this theme, you can tweak and personalize your website page, or make use of unique designs of themes like Integrity, Ethos, Renew and Icon.

7) Kalium

It is a good WordPress theme which fits the needs of blog pages and portfolio web pages. It provides a lot of variations for you to design the layouts, and has also got content builder of the drag and drop type. It has got a lot of features and elements, each of them put into force to enhance your website experience.

Kalium WordPress Theme

8) Studio 8

This is a prominent choice among business professionals with immense experience. It is powerful and easily adaptable. Studio 8 has got all abilities of improvising your portfolio website. Even the non-technical users can use this theme without needing much knowledge of coding. It has got quick loading time and a range of short codes that are very useful.
Studio 8 WordPress Theme

Well, that’s our list of the best!

If the word “Uniqueness” and “Standing Out Of The Pack” does mean something to your brand,  then have any of these Best WordPress themes installed

Sachin Sharma
Via Sachin Sharma The author is working with CodeBrew Labs, an iphone app making company based in Chandigarh, the city beautiful, India.

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  1. Hello, thanks for this awesome list, of all the wordpress themes listed, Studio 8 looks pretty cool and perfect for me .

    Thanks once again

  2. Hello Sachi,

    I just tried searching for each and every one of the themes you mentioned above, i really wanted to test run on my site and see how they’ll look, but sadly when i searched from my wordpress dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New Themes, i couldn’t find any of the above mentioned.

    Is there anything i’m doing wrong?

    • Hey Udonna,

      You’re not absolutely doing anything wrong just that most of these themes aren’t made available through the WordPress directory for website themes, but instead, they’re premium wordpress themes hosted on third-party web development resources platform like ThemeForest, an Envanto initiative. You’d have to check from the website for respective link to download them.

      And sadly once again, majority of them comes with a fee, between $30-$60 dollars range. I think this is worth all the fuzz, isn’t it?

      – Olawale Daniel


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