Differences: Black SEO & White SEO – What is Black Hat SEO & White SEO?

Editor’s Take: What do you know about black hat seo and white seo? I think you should have heard something concerning these words before. Do you think using any of these two techniques can help or mar the success of your website? You’ll know that by following this simple to understand article from a friend of mine who owns, WintechGeek.com, a blog that focuses on all tech updates and others. Here comes Chandra…..

Black SEO

Because of the wish of the webmasters to see their pages well positioned in search engines, the illegal optimization methods appeared. Those methods are called Black-Hat SEO, and they refer to techniques used by the search engines to “see” the content of a site, while the visitors see a different thing. The search engine penalizes or eliminates the index of such sites once they are discovered. Amongst major companies that tried those methods is BMW or Ricoh, both sites having German origins.


Amongst the Black Hat methods, we can talk about the sites that spam the social networks. Amongst those methods, the most effective one is publishing a material referring to the subject that attracts visitors and including a link to the site that needs to be promoted in front of the curious visitors. Along with those visitors that represent a growth of the site’s traffic, the users will also take the link, spreading it around the internet and creating a set of external links. There are many methods to grow traffic and to have the desired positions in the search engines.black SEO vs white SEO

There are two main optimization methods possible. One of them refers to the code of the site and optimization by including the site in directories and obtaining links to your site. The description of the page affects the ranking greatly. An evolved web interface will highlight the keywords that need to be exploited.

An evolved structure of a site must highlight the desired keywords. This can be done by
using the tags <meta>, or tags such as <h1>, <h2>, and <strong>.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO represents a method based on respecting the rules and recommendations of the search engines. It is an optimizing method that is based on creating the optimal density for search engines, on resembling content for human users and for the crawlers and spiders of the search engines. It also represents a long-term optimization, and the only method that is not penalized by Google. You can use a series of SEO instruments to see the optimization degree of a site, considering the indexing rules of the crawlers.

Black Hat SEO is a method that does not respect the rules, trying to trick the search engines, and to obtain better indexes. Black Hat SEO was considered an illegal method, as there is a difference between the visual and non-visual content of the site. It is a method designed to obtain results fast, but it attracts penalties from search engines. Still we can see a lot of threads on black hat SEO on different webmaster forum.

The most interesting methods are discussed by the visitors of the internet-marketing site. Some of those techniques are:

–          keyword stuffing; the site contains a large number of keywords

–          invisible text; texts that have the same color as the background

–          doorway pages: fake pages that are not visible for the human eye, pages that are created only to be indexed by the search engines

The Black Hat techniques are tempting, as they offer fast results, but they can attract different penalizations from Google.

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