All is set for the BlackBerry 10 release on Wednesday


It’s happening on Wednesday, the BlackBerry 10 will be showcased in New York by the Chief Executive of Research in Motion Ltd, Thorsten Heins.

The Canadian smartphone maker has promise a speedy, super typing experience and a device that could keep personal and work identities separate on the same phone.

blackberry 10 interface

The debut will go along with a super bowl marketing campaign for the long awaited BlackBerry 10 device. The smartphone has suffered a lot of delays, which may be attributed to a phobia from the trend – setting Apple iPhone and the Google Android devices. RIM couldn’t afford a single error that will give the iPhone and Android more edges.

The BlackBerry 10 since its first demo has been receiving positive reviews by analyst and blogs around the globe. Many analysts has predicted the BlackBerry 10 as a chance for RIM to bounce back, last September, merely getting a new about the new device, RIM’s stock surged nearly triple to $16.18 from the a nine year suffering, although it is still 90% below its $147 value in 2008.

Major analysts believes the success of the BlackBerry 10 would be very important in the history RIM’s long term viability.

BlackBerry, introduced back in 1999, once dominated the smartphone market, especially for business users. Infotech managers loved the device based on the security and easy management. The physical keyboard was one thing that thrilled a lot of employees; it is easier to type than the touch screen system on the iPhone. It was President Obama’s favorite when he entered office; it also entered the list of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things. Out of addiction by so many people, BlackBerry got a new nickname called “the CrackBerry.”

Many more markets began to open for the BlackBerry, and the ego entered many countries. The story changed to another thing just in 2007 when Steve Jobs came with the iPhone. The iPhone proved that phones can much more be useful than just doing calls and Email. They became big time music and video players, alongside game consoles.

Soon, the Blackberry looked obsolete.

Although, the sales of the BlackBerry continued its growth in other parts of the world, but the North Americans switched to Android devices and iPhones. In the quarter of September 1, the 80 million BlackBerry subscribers dropped to 79 million in recent quarters. IDC research firm observed that within 2008 – 2012, BlackBerry shipment in the US sloped down from 46% to 2%. The market was lost to either iPhones or Android devices.

RIM purchased QNX software systems in 2010, and promised to catch up with the trend with the technology it has gotten through the new acquisition. RIM previously promised the BlackBerry 10 in early 2012, later pushed it to late 2012, and due to some issues, it was extended further to early 2013, missing the lucrative holiday sales.

Over sometimes now, executives has been relaying a glimpse into some of the features of the BlackBerry 10, but RIM’s boss will finally uncover the entire system in the event coming up on Wednesday. The device is to go on sale after the event, but the price and the exact date is earnestly been expected on Wednesday.

RIM has redesigned the system to accommodate apps, multimedia and touch-screen experience that are the technologies of today.

RIM’s executive vice president of global sales, Rick Costanzo in an interview admitted that, RIM in history has once missed some strong points, but, now “Not only have we caught up, but we may even be better than some of the competition now.” Rick said. He continues “no one else can touch what RIM’s new system offers.”

BlackBerry 10 operating system, boasts of better multitasking than the Android and iPhone. A simple swipe of a finger across the screen will help you switch to another program.

The Blackberry Hub receives all emails and notifications from apps like Facebook and Twitter, a sensitive location that is easily accessible with a finger swipe even when you are running another application. You can peek into it to open your mailbox or go back to the opened application without opening the email.

Constanzo added that you won’t be going in and out of applications, but you will flow through applications with just one finger. The unique thing we worked on is to make sure you effortlessly flow between applications, and there is no problem if you choose to leave them running.

You can check your email while watching video, but the video get paused if you decide to open the email message. You will just resume it back after getting through with the email message.

One breakthrough RIM achieved with the BlackBerry 10 is that, the touch screen keyboard learns your writing style and suggest you words or phrases to auto complete, a feature above the typo corrections rivals offers. Pick the correct one you are about writing.

A Scotiabank financial analyst, Gus Papageorgiou who has tried the BlackBerry 10 out agrees the keyboard further learns and even adjust to your finger placement.

RIM has planned to produce touch screen phones for the BlackBerry 10 at first, and then later release the physical keyboard versions. Many users prefer the physical keyboard to the touch screen and that an area where RIM is still able to stand in the game.

The second area that will make RIM excel with the new BlackBerry 10 is the ability to run two different accounts on the same device, employees don’t need to purchase a second device as one account can be for Business and the other for personal use. The feature is called BlackBerry Balance, with balance, you are able to switch from personal to work mode.

The browser is another thing Papageorgiou talked about, its browser promises to get speedy and faster even more than browsers on desktops and laptops.

Then only shortcoming in the BlackBerry 10 is that, it will not support many outside app writers for its app world just like it is being done on Android and iPhone. Although RIM has promised to launch over 70,000 apps alongside the release, and the apps will also support the PlayBook tablet release back in 2011, that is just one tenth of what is offered in the GooglePlay and iTunes store.

The analyst never forgot to add that longtime BlackBerry users will have to adapt to the new operating system.

He added that RIM will be successful if just one third of its current subscribers should upgrade, and if about 4 million new subscribers can be added overseas. According to IDC, the shipment of smartphone increased by 44% in 2012, and if the trend should continue, the growth of BlackBerry is possible even if Android and iPhone users refuse to switch.

“This smartphone doesn’t have to be the best in the world before RIM can be successful, Papageorgiou said, the big question is, if it fails, is it just too late? Is it that the two other platforms are just too advanced that no one can catch up with them? That’s a big risk.”

Media Credit: blog.BlackBerry and BGR


  1. With Samsung and HTC cutting edge smartphones rapidly gaining greater market shares, RIM Blackberry will have to fight like a wounded and starving lion to avoid bankruptcy

    • To be truthful RIM is still thriving in other minor markets, like in my country, the tempo of the BlackBerry is still high even with the old models, the BlackBerry 10 was a good trial, but I think if RIM can look into releasing updates so quickly, it could gradually becoming meaningful again in the major markets, RIM once did it, it can do it again. Thanks for sharing your love on this blog.


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