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BlackBerry 10 Update: 50% Canada Pre – Registration could have come from iPhone and Android Users

RIM launched its BlackBerry 10 OS last week alongside two next-generations of smartphone that will serve its users for till the year hit half. Loyal BlackBerry users were stunned by the release, but the fear of major analyst and everybody is the fear that “will RIM be able to woo away users from the leading smartphone platforms.” The early reviews of the BlackBerry Z10 were not convincing enough for it to gain ground in the industry, but recently, the report from CIBC’s research clued that the BlackBerry 10 may have gotten a surprising start.

blackberry 10 progress

“RIM rebranded the BlackBerry; add more color to glitz it up, and a wonderful bling which Heins did around that last week.” These were the words of Todd Coupland, CIBC last week. The bling was attributed to naming Alicia Keys as the BlackBerry Creative Director at least for a while, while the contract last. Approximately 1,000 bloggers, analysts, investors, reporters and BlackBerry staff met with CEO Heins on a talk.

On Coupland’s note was a list of positive points for the BlackBerry 10, among which includes; 150 carriers pledges to launch the BlackBerry 10 phones, also is the wonderful number of apps coming to the BlackBerry app world which is now being transformed to the BlackBerry world, by the time the BlackBerry Z10 would be launching in the US, the app world would have been archiving 100,000 apps as analyst predicted. The most interesting of the news is about the progress of the BlackBerry 10 on Canadian carriers.

In Canada, 50% of users that made a pre-registration on carriers are new customers that currently on the network of the other smartphone platforms as written by the analyst. It’s a big surprise, and this kind of data would also be noted for other markets.

If Coupland’s data were very accurate, it means that the early interest for the BlackBerry 10 came from iPhone and Android users, and a resultant fair amount in the sales of the Z10.

After a critical analysis of the BlackBerry 10, Coupland raised the BlackBerry shares with a $13.78 price target.

Source: BGR

Olukunle Moseshttps://www.techatlast.com/olukunle-moses/
Olukunle Moses is currently the editor-in-chief for TechAtLast Media Blogs Network.

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  1. We’re looking forward to this release, that’s for sure! We’ve found the Blackberry (as addictive as it is) to be the ultimate business tool, really, and that’s not being mindlessly sycophantic (we hope)! We’re not sure if it’s out in the UK yet but it will be soon enough. The concept of “bling”ing it up and adding some glamour sounds interesting, but hopefully they’ll have remembered to up the business side to it as well.

    • The reviews all over the BlackBerry 10 claimed its optimization for Business, RIM did not also forgot to make personal IDs and each not interrupting each other, it was on the same device, I think this is a real good breakthrough. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Blackberry 10 is in the news everywhere. I myself is expecting a lot from the phone. In such a situation, it is not surprising to know that people using I phone and android smartphones are switching on to Blackberry 10. I would love to have this phone.

    • RIM bounced back with something great. Its will circulate soon and you will get a piece, thanks for checking out this post.


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