How to Avoid Your Blackberry Bold Battery from Draining

Blackberry Bold Battery Flat – How to Avoid Your Bold Blackberry from Becoming Flat Overnight

I received an email from one of my readers recently asking me for guides and tips on how he can deal with his blackberry bold phone’s battery that has been giving him a sleepless night for the past few days. Upon reading that email, what I did was to conduct a research about the causes of this problem. But to my surprises, there are many other people out there who are also experiencing this same thing without any viable solution to curb it.

As we all know that blackberry bold battery problems are too many to mention but the worst of them is the flat battery issue. I have received many complaints over the couple of months about blackberry bold battery draining fast” which is a strange thing for people to experience and that’s why I’m writing this post to help you solve your challenges easily. Among all the kind of BB batteries that comes with all BB products, blackberry bold 2 battery is the worst of them all because it always has many defects lately. I’ve used Tour but have some friends who have used Bold with negative review to pass across.

BlackBerry Bold Battery problems
BlackBerry Bold Battery problems and feasible solutions.

So, what could have caused it? Is it because you’re not charging it very well, or what do you think could have been the reason behind your battery becoming flat overnight, even while charging it? There is no perfect answer for these questions, and instead of finding answers to them, I would rather focus on sharing my tips and guidelines to help you control your blackberry phone battery from becoming flat anymore.

I have four (4) different levels of guides to help you solve the exact problem you are facing presently. So use this technique and add your comment if you it works for you, or if you have any queries.

However, before you continue, kindly check this post that talks about how to wipe blackberry data with ease to learn about new tricks.

How to Increase Your Blackberry Bold Battery Lifespan

Solution 1:

1. Upgrade Your Blackberry Operating System  

Your blackberry OS could be an old version and that might be the real cause of its battery been flat. So, change the OS of your BB and make it runs faster. Visit the App world to download the update for your current software. Go to blackberry app world to upgrade your BB OS.

2. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off unless in use

Another thing that could cause your blackberry battery to drain faster is Bluetooth connection. When your Bluetooth is turned on for a very long time, chances are that it might consume most of your battery charges and left nothing for you to use. Turn your Bluetooth off when it is not in use or when you’re away from your smartphone.

3. Make sure your Wi-Fi is disabled unless in use

Similar to Bluetooth connection, but this one is even worse than Bluetooth because it depends mostly on battery consumption to functions well. And since it is going to work with your blackberry service from your service provider, it is highly recommended to disable it when not in use, or when you are not surfing the net.

4. Make sure all applications that are not being used are closed

Close all the applications that are currently working on your blackberry smartphone because they could be exhausting your battery from the background unknown to you.

Every time you are done with your BB application, kindly close it and activate the one that you want to use.

And also, in this kind of situation when your battery is flat, what you need to do once it is back working is to always disable its Wi-Fi access.

5) Always Turn-off your device if you’re out of signal or low signal strength

When you find yourself in an area with little or no signal strength, it is highly recommended that you either charge the phone or you turn it off to save battery.

Solution 2:

How to Restore Your Blackberry Phone from Becoming Flat Overnight

Hard reset it: – all you have to do is to pull out the blackberry battery while it is on, then wait about 30 seconds, insert it back into your phone and restart again.

Possible Causes of Drained Blackberry Battery

In most cases, one of the two things listed below would possibly have to happen again and again for the blackberry battery to drain faster, or it may be both as well.

  • – High amount of Radioactivity
  • – High amount of CPU processing

Some applications could have triggered the action and cause the battery to drain, so, what is the next step?

Solution 3:

How to Go About It Resolving Your Blackberry Phone Battery Issues

Before you do any other things, backup and reinstall your blackberry software using the Blackberry desktop application manager. And after that, if you are still experiencing the same thing, check your battery for possible issues, it might happen that the battery is faulty.

If the battery is okay physically and the problem still exists, then kindly call the contact service center.

Solution 4:

How to Make Changes to the Phones Settings to Reduces Battery Consumption

First of all, let us change some settings in the phone to test what really caused this problem:

On your blackberry device, locate Options>Screen/Keyboard

Then adjust the settings to match these one below:

Brightness: 40

Timeout: 20 Sec.

Auto Dim: Off

LED Coverage: Off

Key Tone: Off

Audible Roll: Mute

Use Wi-Fi access instead of 3G Network: Whenever you are connecting to your Wi-Fi network access instead of the 3G network, you are saving your battery life from draining instead of using the 3G network which normally requires much more power. Change to 2G or 2.5G so that the phone can use stop searching for 3G network which will certainly decreases battery consumption. This is exactly how I have changed my BB Tor to make it work without consuming much battery.

Once you are able to adjust these settings on your phone, it will help you cut down the energy usage of the battery than how it was earlier before. Adjusting these settings will help cut down on energy spent by the device, making it last much longer.

I believe you’d have learnt one or two things from reading this post, please if you have any question unanswered, please kindly drop them below; I’d be waiting for your responses.

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