Blackberry Fitness Apps: Paid & Free Fitness Apps for Blackberry

If you want best free blackberry fitness apps for blackberry devices, you needn’t to search elsewhere because we have list them below for your reading pleasure. These great blackberry fitness apps will help you stay fit while you do your day to day activities without stress. Like the recent posts on my other blogs that talks on best iphone fitness apps and best android fitness apps; you will find this one useful as well if you have Blackberry Mobile Device at your disposal like mine 🙂 

Along with other smart phones, BlackBerry is also a useful device that helps you practically on all things including fitness. There are a lot of apps available now in the BlackBerry app store that can help you become fit and healthy.

Best Blackberry Fitness Apps

Best Blackberry Fitness Apps taking from TechAtLast Blackberry smartphone

Here are some of the Best BlackBerry fitness apps that you can download now:

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is a free app that is used as a personal coach as well as a training partner. This fitness app for BlackBerry allows you to track you exercise or workouts such as running, hiking, cycling, skiing, kayaking and others using the phone’s built-in GPS system. This fitness app also provides you with an audio feedback while you are doing your exercise.

In addition, Endomondo Sports tracker also allows you to have peptalks from friends, which allows you to hear what they write on the web so you don’t need to read them. Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks your heart rate, tracks your runs and enables you to compete with the route champion in that specific route. You can also post your workouts in Facebook and be able to view your friends’ workout as well.

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret

Calorie Counter is another free fitness app available for BlackBerry devices. Using Calorie Counter, you can find information about the food you eat regarding the calorie content and nutritional facts. It also allows you to keep track of your weight and exercise.

Calorie Counter includes a food diary to help you track what you are eating and the calories you take in as well as an activity diary to keep track of your exercises and the calories you burn. With Calorie Counter, you may evaluate the balance between your calorie intake and loss. Calorie counter also include weight chart to help you track your weight.

Adidas miCoach

Adidas miCoach is a blackberry fitness coach at the palm of your hands. Adidas miCoach uses your phone’s GPS system that allows you to track your exercise, calories burned and many more. You can also plan your workouts using Adidas miCoach. This blackberry fitness app also sends you daily planned workouts and feed backs regarding your exercise.

Calorie Counter and Diet tracker by MyFitnessPal

This blackberry fitness app is one of the easiest and fastest apps to use for BlackBerry devices. Using MyFitnessPal, you can lose weight in your hands. It includes a large food database that helps you watch what you are eating and help you lose weight fast.

This free blackberry fitness app was chosen as the PC magazine editor’s Choice Selection as well as Editor’s Pick for Lifestyle apps in Wired magazine. Well that sounds that this blackberry fitness app is the best diet app you can have as at now when it comes to selecting the best blackberry fitness apps in the App world.


Runtastic is a personal fitness and sports app for BlackBerry. Like other fitness apps, it helps you track your exercise and the calories you burned. Runtastic allows you to do many things such as track your activities in GPS (records the distance, time, speed, elevation and the calories you burned), view your route and position in the BlackBerry maps, and many more.

Gym Technik

Gym Technik has been the best health and fitness app for BlackBerry in the year 2009 and 2010 in Using this app, you will be motivated to reach your goals in fitness. It provides guidance in workouts and tracks your exercise statistics. Plus, it also syncs your stats to their website that lets you choose your workout plans, chart your progress and view your exercise results.

All these Blackberry fitness apps for BlackBerry device users are available for free at the BlackBerry app world at Have you used any other blackberry fitness apps before? What are the differences between these blackberry fitness apps and the ones you have used before? Please share your past experiences with us!

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