BlackBerry Services Collapsed

Millions of BlackBerry smartphone users worldwide have been cut off from the Research In Motion service by a major fault from RIM’s side. RIM is a Canadian company who made the blackberry and the service.

The problems, which struck exactly at around 11am, has been affecting online services for consumers all over Europe, Africa, and the Middle East because all of these locations are served by a RIM data centre located in Slough, UK.

Many of blackberry services users has been unable to surf the web or send instant messages, or even access other internet services such as emailing and others.

As users are trying to complain about their inability to access RIM service, there was no one to help them with the problem they are experiencing. But, it shows that some users who are served by a special corporate server appeared not to be affected by this problems.

Each carriers from each affected countries started tweeting and making press releases about this information to make people know that they are not the one having the fault but from RIM side.

According to the information from T-Mobile UK said, it claims that: “There was an issue with Blackberry services presently.”

Many BlackBerry users worldwide were particularly angry at being cut off from Blackberry messenger. This alone is a nice gift for teenagers that make use of this service in replacement for normal mobile phone texting. It helps teenagers to save more money and that is why a teenager by name Amanda from Twickenham said, “I have no email, Twitter or Blackberry messenger on my BlackBerry again.”

Are you having the same problem like this on your Blackberry phone? Share how thing is going on your side.

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