5 Blogging Surprises You Should Expect This Year as a Blogger

5 Blogging Surprises You Should Be Expecting This Year as a Blogger

2012 is a better year for everyone when compared to other years that we have passed – even for me, I reckon it as the best for me as a blogger because it is a great year when my blog clocked one and also the year I started my new blog as well.

Last year was the best for some people while many still complains a lot about last year not being their best year due to some mistakes and errors they’ve made along the line. Do you have to allow such a thing to happen to you this year? I don’t think this has to be because this year is believed, is going to be the best for everyone excluding the lazy bloggers out there who aren’t ready to sacrifice all for getting their desired results.5 Blogging Surprises for 2012

In this article, I shall be sharing with you some of the basic surprises you should be expecting this year as a blogger, so that you will not sleep and forget yourself while some of your friend who are bloggers are already working hard for getting good results. But rather, you will work harder in order to achieve the best you’ve ever been dreaming of.

So, follow the steps I mentioned below and make sure that the inevitable doesn’t meet you unprepared because this year is a year of surprises. – read the unbelievable things that happen around the world in 60 seconds.

Google PR update may fail you…. and you needn’t to worry

The main reason for Google to demote its own Google Chrome page from search pages is because of the report from Search Engine Land about Google’s action of buying paid links to rank Chrome page, which symbolises Google violating its own rules and guidelines. The search giant Google, in order to show that it is still on its verdict; demoted Chrome (search engine land reports) from search pages and strip-off its Google Page rank of 9 to PR 0 for that same reason.

And that should tell you that you should be expecting something similar to this year or else, it will happen unexpected – which means that you need to plan ahead to avoid getting hit badly.

With that action, it means Google doesn’t value its own business pages more than other websites on the internet and Google can penalize anyone who’s trying to go against its rules and guidelines. That is why you shouldn’t engage yourself in Black Hat SEO or some other illegal SEO Tricks that some people are marketing out there.

If you lose Google page rank, you shouldn’t worry much about it for now, but rather focus on improving your website search position in order to claim your top position back.

Several Google Panda Update effect on many blogs

What is the main benefit of having a great PR status? Isn’t it traffic? But, what is the essence of having a great PageRank without good traffic? I don’t think such PR status has anything better to offer. And, that is the main reason why you shouldn’t focus on having good page rank when you are supposed to focus on how you can be getting good and huge traffic from Google.

Google Panda effect is another thing that has been happening in the blogging industry since last year because of Google’s decision to produce the best answer for its users.

Google does not want to promote the wrong site to the front page of its search software when there are other useful websites underneath with useful information for the searcher. For this reason, the search engine giant creates the Google Panda system to rank websites according to the latest and how informative each site is.

Now that you know the main reason for google to make such decision, and the next for you is to make sure that your website revolves around Google Panda algorithm rules and guidelines by avoiding illegal contents on your blog. And also make sure that your website is always up to date with latest and updated information.

Increased Organic Searches for Positive Thinking Bloggers

Just as we have some group of un-serious bloggers, so also are serious ones who are ready to do all it takes in order to achieve success. You should be expecting increased organic searches on your website starting from today if you are following the rules and regulation designed for webmasters by Google and other search engine providers such as Yahoo.

However, if your organic search reduces, you should know for sure that you’ve made some mistakes and need to correct them as soon as possible in order to avoid being axed from top google result pages.

No room for the wicked – do the right thing all the time

You love duplicate contents? Stop that from now on or else, you will lose most of your credibility from Google and your website will be discredited for this. Anything you are presently doing that might affect your website in the nearer future to come should be avoided. Don’t copy-paste content from other blogs. And if you are to do that, make sure that you reference the site where you copy the information from. Any blogger who tried to turn another person’s content into his or hers will soon get axed from search pages online and since you all know that; traffic from search engines is the best traffic.

Guest Posting and Publishing may fail for building backlinks

Guest Posting will fail soon – that is a great assurance because Google is getting stronger and more stricter day-by-day. And you need to start building backlinks to your blog with another methods, so that it won’t happen to you unaware. It is no more news that using guest posts to build backlinks to a blog or website helps such site to rank better on search pages and also can help that same website to get higher google page rank, but, now that people have started abusing the system with non-quality contents and bad keywords, Google will soon stop this model for building backlinks.

If you want your website to remain relevant in the industry after that time, you should start thinking of another method you can use to drive traffic to and rank your site better on Google. What the video below for similar information on it.

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