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Blogging Tips for Bloggers

Bloggers get attached to the internet. It makes perfect sense; it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to understand that someone who spends a good portion of their time creating something for a platform would be dedicated to it. Except for Starcraft players in South Korea, most of the time, this isn’t a problem.

However, it does result in bloggers forgetting that they can network with real-life people as well. Even if some people meet online, there’s still value in talking, whether it’s over the phone or a Skype call. Here are four ways you can reach out.

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Ask Your Friends

Sometimes we forget that people we know in real life use the internet, too. Even if they’re not bloggers themselves, chances are good you know people who would be interested in your subject matter. If you run a gaming blog, ask one of your friends to do a piece on their favorite game. Warn them you’ll edit it, but say that you want a fresh opinion. Once it’s published, prepare for them to share it with their friends. Watch your rankings closely to see the results of giving people automatic buy-in.

Volunteer Virtually

The newest thing in internet citizenship is virtual volunteering. You can blog, take photos, write descriptions or even produce websites for non-profits around the world. Wildlife Direct has a great program where bloggers can write posts and promote them. It’s not unthinkable that you would be able to bargain with them to put a link to your site in your author’s bio. If you volunteer with a smaller organization, you may be able to even have an author’s page. Check Volunteer Match for opportunities. The site has a filter that will show only online opportunities.

Attend Conventions and Events

Students have a leg up on finding people with similar interests. They can start or join clubs and get connected to others through their campus. Those who are pursuing online education can start Google Hangouts with fellow students on topics and record them (with permission) and post them on their blogs. For non-students, attend as many conventions and events as you can that pertain to your topic. Conventions are a great place to meet like-minded individuals who are more likely to follow your blog faithfully. Have some business cards with your blog’s URL printed up by Vistaprint (250 for free!), and pass them out.

Join a Professional Network

Similar to attending events for hobby bloggers, joining a professional network for business bloggers will put you in touch with real people who are passionate about your subject. Professional networks can be anything from joining the NFIB to finding a local chamber of commerce for small business owners. Regardless of your field, there’s sure to be a publication about it. Many of these will take guest writers, which you should try to become. Even in print form, putting down your website address will generate traffic and help you be seen as an expert in your field.

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