Boinc Facebook Music – A Phenomenal, Watch Free Video

Ahead of the Facebook music announcement yesterday that looks set to literally change the face of social networks as we know, Adam Kidron CEO of Boinc is interviewed by industry analyst Mark Mulligan (Boinc is set to launch its new device based social music service in the next few months).
In the video, Adam and Mark discuss the Facebook music announcement and the importance of a social element in music, the ever changing dynamics of the music industry and all about Boinc’s new device based social music service.

“ We’re going to democratize music consumption. By embedding licenses into devices, we’re going to reduce costs to a point which consumers don’t mind paying and bring thousands… hundreds of thousands…. millions of new consumers into the marketplace.” says Adam Kidron.

Watch the video of Boinc Facebook Music Interview session

Would you like to have music playing when you on social site, Facebook? Then this is the best time for you to have that done. Music is among the things that drives the world these days and many people, especially music promoters and producers spends large amount of money on music everyday. For this reasons, Facebook too, knows what music can do to make its platform outsmart some of its rivals in the social networking world, like Google+ and others..

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