Website Bounce Rate Demystified; The Pros and Cons of Getting & Keeping Website Traffics


What is bounce rate?

The phrase bounce rate has been popular of late amongst many website terminologies available in the public domain, but not everyone are familiar with what it stands for.

In this infographic article, we are going to discuss some of the factors that are responsible for bounce rate on website. Also, we will share ideas on the pros and cons of website ranking and how not to get Uncle Google bot angry with your website.

Website Bounce Rate Demystified; The Pros and Cons of Getting & Keeping Your Site Visitors

A step by step guide on how to improve your website bounce research infograph have been released by KissMetrics this week. It is titled; Bounce Rate Demystified Infographic. Download and study the guide to master the art of befriending your website visitors and Google web crawlers.

Some of the factors that affect bounce rate:

  • Pop up ads, survey, music, or streaming video
  • Search engine ranking of page (pages that rank higher on irrelevant keywords have higher bounce rates). It is more like fooling the audience by ranking for what you are not. It is known as clickbaiting.
  • Type of audience
  • Landing page design
  • Ad and landing page messages
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Load time of pages. Longer load times equals higher bounce rate.
  • Purpose of the page

And here’s how to improve bounce rate

  • Maintain top ranking positions for branded terms
  • Provide relevant content
  • Build a clear navigation path/menu
  • Link to a glossary page that defines industry terms
  • Place search function prominently
  • Speed up page load using Google page speed plugin
  • Get rid of pop-up ads
  • Reduce external links or have them open in new window
  • Create landing pages tailored to each keyword and ad that you run so that your visitor can find what was promised in the ad copy.
Bounce Rate Demystified - Steps to improving bounce rate demystifyed infographics
KissMetrics just released an infographic picture that detailed all the pros and cons of website bounce rate and how we can avoid Google penalty of frequent website bounces.


  1. Thank you Daniel for sharing strategies to prevent our website from having frequent bounce rates with this bounce rate demystified infographic. I love it bro 🙂


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