Love it or Hate it Breaking News Makes our Day

breaking news around the world
Breaking news around the world

Can you ever imagine your day without news? Our day starts with a morning news paper where we want to know what’s happening in and around us. Everyone has an interest in different category which can be politics, nation, sports, entertainment or any other light news. Even when we sit on our work stations, we browse through news headlines of different portals to know the latest updates. Not only this when we on our way to work we keep pressing our mobile buttons to know about the latest happenings.

Today our society has become globally more aware and educated creating an opportunity to improve at all levels. People are fed with news at all levels and this is what affects others aspects like stock markets, political parties, personal lives and television rating points (TRPs). But we still love to watch those scoop and scandals if it is about a famous celebrity. All forms of media are flooded with such news. This is possible because technology is growing day-by-day. What is ‘in’ today is ‘out’ tomorrow so all forms of media know that stale news never sells. They all are in rat race to break the news first and get some exclusive footage.

Components of a great breaking news delivery

The set definition of any ‘News’ says that it is piece of information backed by five words which are why, where, who, what and when. There was a time when local stations, newspaper and TV networks had a set format to write news stories and break them into small chunks due to shortage of time. News channels like CNN Live News, Fox News and MSNBC take most advantage of a story while sidelining others. All heads are put together into knowing exact details of the breaking news.

Breaking news is nothing but an event that has occurred recently or is gradually developing. This can be an unexpected event which can be fire, plane crash, terror attacks or anything. It is also news that occurs late in the day. Therefore it is known as news bulletin or special report. The importance of news transcends as the story itself.

In any culture irrespective of being literate or illiterate has a craving for news. When anything of common interest occurs then TV news channels, newspapers and radio stations inform us about its ongoing happening. Nowadays news is also available on internet, mobile and on the go. Today daily news is more of category than a piece of information. It reflects upon the awareness of our society as we are able to receive any kind of news all with click of button, all thanks to digital technology for this!

When it comes to news headlines, it is the newspapers that grab most attention and this is what makes them sell? When its electronic media, there is single breaking news and other news follows. Breaking news is the most detailed one because reporters keep a track of significant happenings accompanied with fresh videos. This can also go on for days followed by chain of events and updates.

It is true that we watch television, tune in to radio stations or surf news portals to get the latest breaking news of the day. Love it or hate it has become a part of our lives.





2 responses to “Love it or Hate it Breaking News Makes our Day”

  1. Rashmi Sinha Avatar
    Rashmi Sinha

    News reports are a way to know what is going around the globe. When there is something important, we devote some time caring about it and realizing that there are problems all around the world. This eases our problems and makes us more eager to face them.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes you are right! News is what makes the world go round. It is what blogging is all about. Thanks for commenting

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