7 Ways to Make Your Broadband Internet Connection Work Better

Internet Connection Rules

The internet is the place me and you wishes for ourselves to be every single day because of the cool stuffs that we are enjoying on the internet on daily basis. But we can’t enjoy some of those benefits if we don’t have an internet connection that will enable us to have the access to the internet because the internet can only become a reality when we have an internet connection method(broadband internet connection).

Broadband internet connection is the most fastest among all forms of internet access that is available till present because other internet connections like dialup and others are very slow and that can’t make you have faster internet experience.

Do you know that broadband internet connection too can work slow at times? Yes it can, a faster internet connection can start to fumble by working slowly even at a time when you don’t even expect it to happen. If your internet connection is not performing better the way it ought to perform, then some of the tips that I will be showing you in this blog post will be of great use for you in making sure that your internet connection work better, may I say wonders!

#1.Configure Connection Router Correctly

If your connection router is not well configured, even at the fastest speed that your connection can be working, you will not be able to enjoy the internet faster. So configure your router very well and you will get better internet experience with your broadband internet access.

#2. Check Your IP Address if not working fine, use VPN

The current IP address that which you are using can also be the cause of your slow internet experience on broadband connection, the best way to solve this problem is by using a VPN service to bypass firewalls from some of the site you are visiting in order to enjoy your connection.

#3. Multi-Task but minimize it as possible

Doing lots of things at a time is said to be very dangerous to your internet connection performance and even your computer too but what can we do when there are lots of files on the table, many tasks waiting to be done? You just have to do things the right way. Make sure that you manage your browser for a better output by avoiding doing more tasks on it at a time. Multi-task but avoid too many multiple job at a time. Don’t open more browser’s tabs when you are browsing because it will affect your system’s RAM. So make sure that you don’t take your computer’s health for granted because if you do, it will boomerang on your connection’s performance.

#4. Check Signal Cable for Correct Connection

Your internet connecting cables might even be the cause of the slow internet access that you are experiencing.n If you start noticing that your connection is not working the it supposes to be working, one of the top things you need to do is by checking the connecting cables that you used to connect the computer with the router and the modem or dongle. But if you are using a wireless internet access, you need to check if your modem has already establish a connection or not because that is one the most popular problems with wireless internet connection.

#5. Download and Upload Less Data online

The amount of data that which you send at a particular point in time has effect on your internet connection performance if you don’t know. Just like the the time when I was downloading the Rise of Nation PC Game from Microsoft website, I noticed that the bandwidth of my internet connection is getting lower just because of the data I’m sending from the net to my computer’s memory. I love the game and you can download it free trial but you have to get broadband internet to do so, Okay!

#6. Share Connection only when necessary

Your friends and relatives are people which y0u can keep things away from easily because they are your family members but you have to do things the better way by making sure that you don’t share your internet connection via networking sharing if you know that you are on a limited bandwidth connection (some broadband ISP’s offers limited access too)

#7. Check ISP’s for Fault

Who is at fault when your connection is not working fine? Don’t put all the burden on yourself because you might not even know if the fault is from your ISP company. Try to contact them whenever you notice that you are experiencing difficulties in browsing the web and they can come to your help because that is the reason you are paying the bill. So, following the seven steps listed above will see you enjoying your internet connection even if it is a dialup internet.


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    The seven ways are great to follow, nice post, keep on going….

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      Thanks for your comment and encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

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