How Cloud Computing can help in your business development

Cloud Computing is a business model where services are delivered from the Internet through web-based applications and tools, rather than from a server via direct connection. These services include software and programs, as well as data and information. This kind of technology offer benefits and uses suitable for businesses, especially for small businesses with tight or limited resources.

The Evolution of Cloud Computing for business development

Cost Effectiveness

Cloud computing enables businesses to take advantage of business services at a lower cost more than traditional computing technologies. Software packages are available at lower prices because the software developers also incur lower costs in distributing them. Online distribution removes costs related to production of DVDs or CDs, packaging costs, as well as costs of shipping and distribution worldwide. Other cloud-based services that enable businesses to save money include managed hosting, server maintenance, and software licensing.

Cloud computing concept

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Cloud-based services enable businesses to maintain remote employees instead of in-office employees. This setup enables businesses to save capital spent on office space, as well as overhead costs. Cloud computing enables businesses to communicate with employees in a more efficient way – for example, the employees need not be in front of their office computer all the time, as they can communicate with the office through any electronic device. Programs necessary for any task can be launched from the cloud, from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection. This also allows businesses to function at all times, instead of just maintaining strict operating hours, without an increase in costs. Communication between employees is likewise easier with cloud-based applications providing messaging, calling, and video-conferencing functions. Collaboration is likewise improved with the introduction of cloud-based programs that enable users to log in and view a specific document or presentation in real time, without need to attach and download the same via email.

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Business NeedsCloud computing and its features

There are three areas where cloud computing is mostly used in businesses: messaging, storage, and office or productivity suites. According to a Forbes study, these services occupy more than 50% of the kinds of services migrated to cloud computing by most businesses. Of all services migrated to cloud-based services, messaging apps take the majority of the pie at 18%, while cloud storage apps rank second at 15%, and office suites at 13%. Some cloud-based messaging apps include, Google Cloud Messaging, and etherSMS. Cloud-based storage apps include Dropbox, Google Cloud, and OneDrive. Cloud-based productivity apps include Office 365, Google Docs, and Zoho Docs. 

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Security and reliability

Utilizing cloud-based applications provide an unexpected benefit in the form of security. Online storage facilities enable users to keep extra copies or backups of important business files. Online storage drives also provide a more secure option, safer from viruses and malwares. Some providers also provide geo-redundant storage options, storing your files in separate locations, for a more secure option. Cloud-based services also offer greater reliability in terms of a dedicated IT support system, compared to a small business’ own IT department, which may be composed of only a handful of people. Added reliance to cloud-based services also frees up manpower demand in the business, resulting in lower salary costs, office space, and overhead costs. 


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  1. Shailesh Avatar

    Nice Article. Most of companies are using Cloud Hosting for their respective blogs or sites. It costly but maintain, secure, stable, and speed up your blog or site performance. Cloud hosting is the main aspects of new web developers. they are like to use it.


  2. Amirul Islam Avatar
    Amirul Islam

    I think cloud computing will be soon adopted by the business organization. Since it is cheaper and cost effective and person do not need to sit in front of the PC all the time. Seems we are near to new business system. it is great writing about cloud computing. I thank the writer for this nice writing.


  3. Abdul Gatwick Avatar
    Abdul Gatwick

    I’m a web developer.,
    i have more interest to work with cloud computing,
    This article is very useful for me,.
    Thanks for sharing.,
    Have a nice Day

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Glad you like it!

  4. Misty Mann Avatar

    We have a private investigation agency that does a lot of client dedicated data research. Which cloud computing technology and which cloud security system would suit us best? Will we be able to segregate data on the cloud and ensure that the information is not visible to outsiders? Your feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hi Misty,

      With a reliable cloud computing technology service provider like Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, you are sure to enjoy the ride. But the challenge with the later is government access into user’s data which they claimed is beyond their control. I don’t know if you can afford to share your data with the government either. So, if I were to be you, I will go with those that doesn’t befriend the NSA guys 🙂

      I think PCMag explained it all here,2817,2413556,00.asp and Alan discuss the best 5s cloud computing service providers here But I’m more interested in Amazon cloud drive because it offers some kind of security that you are looking for.

      Let’s what is going to happen.

  5. Asem Avatar

    Daniel great article! Thanks.

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