5 Best Business/Customer Relations Apps for 2013

The importance of business/customer relation apps is increasing for existing companies and new startups. The technology provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage directly with their customers on their smartphone and tablets.

Top tech apps allow business owners to spark the attention of new and existing customers, giving the business an opportunity to boost sales and increase brand visibility.

Mobile business apps were worth $25 billion in 2012, and the figure is expected to double after 5 years. Most of the apps allow for the creation for a remote virtual office, which allows for optimization of time, productivity and creativity.

Here are the 5 best business/customer relation apps for 2013.

Best Business/Customer Relations Apps

1. SignEasy

SignEasy document signing app

Entrepreneurs and CEOs have to do a lot of signing on documents, invoices, letterheads etc.  SignEasy makes the process a whole lot easier. It allows the signing of documents on smartphone or tablet. The document can be imported through the internet, e-mail, Dropbox or anything that allows Open In. The app is used by business owners in over 100 countries to sign important documents such as real estate forms, slip for permission and client-owner agreements.

No manual signing or printing is required. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Download SignEasy for Android or SignEasy for Apple devices from iTunes

2. BCN (Business Calendar Network) Premium

Business Calenda Network appl lets you automate your event planning in real time

BCN Premium is the creation of Basecamp Business. The app is pretty useful if you want to develop new relationships within and outside your industry. It displays professional business events that are taking place around your office.

The app takes you to the next dimension of networking and has been specifically designed for business owners to grow their network. The events are marked through the Business Network Calendar on the web.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Download for Google Play 0r iTunes here.

3. DoubleDutch Events

Double Dutch event app lets you organize and do moreDoubleDutch Mobile Apps can be used by a business of any nature. DoubleDutch Events is an event management app that also provides a social platform for business owners, employees and clients to interact with each other. The data stored on the app stays safe as the developers have gone for a higher level of security.

Other features include functioning in offline mode, maps that are interactive two-way synchronization and scheduling. It comes in handy when communicating with employees, clients and customers away from office, allowing them to engage with the content you explain.

It’s available for both iOS and Android users.

Download from the official download page on the video.

4. 30/30

30-30 event management app lets your set time goal and achieve themTime management is very important for business owners in their daily operations. Efficient time management plays a great role in the success and growth of the company.

30/30 is a time management app that allows you to allot a particular length of time to a defined task, and after the time finishes, the app gives out a notification to proceed on to the next task 30/30 works on iOS.

Download from iTunes here but there’s no valid link on Google Play as of now.

5. Evernote for Business

Evernote for Business management app makes everything possibleEvernote for Business is still going strong in 2013. It allows for organization-wide sharing and also includes a Business Library, responsible for administrative and employee based communications. It also displays related notes to anything that you put as input. It’s the ultimate business/customer relation app that works on iOS, Android and Windows.

Download the Evernote for Business app for your devices from the official Evernote page.

Are there other business/customer relations apps out there that you have used but not listed here? Please share them with us.



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    Olawale Daniel thanks for writing this post i really appreciate it. Every one should include these business steps to get good output from business.

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      Olukunle Moses

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    Zoya Bennet

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      Selection of app is very important for customer relation. You must study out your customer base. You are welcome here either.

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