New shopping tech: Cardberry gather all your loyalty cards in one

Loyalty cards become a part of our everyday life but also a heavy burden in our wallets. An innovative gadget that solves this problem has finally arrived. It will help us get rid of tens of cards out of our wallets and at the same time simply use all of them through one single electronic card.Cardberry all in one loyalty card

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? I have about 20: I use frequently some of them, some hardly ever, and there are also those that just lie unused at home. And I always feel sorry if I don’t have a card with me and loose the opportunity to get a discount. Now every even small store has its own loyalty program. If you like shopping, I’m sure your wallet is not big enough to store all these cards. In a month an innovative solution to this problem called Cardberry  launches at several markets.

What is Cardberry and how does it work?

Cardberry is a rewritable gadget that lets you store all your loyalty cards within a Smartphone app and use them in a simple way, through only one device. Cardberry device looks like a typical plastic card which makes it easy to carry in your wallet.

There are thin layered microelectronics inside: Li-ionstorage battery0,5 mm of thickness, dynamic magnetic strip, resistors, printed circuit board with microcontroller and Bluetooth module.Cardberry all in one loyalty card

So easy to use

Along with Cardberry gadget the set includes compact card reader. It connects with mobile device via jack socket or Bluetooth. First you need to download the free Cardberry Smartphone app (for iOS and Android). Then you add all your loyalty cards to the application, using card reader for magnetic cards or by scanning bar codes and QR codes. All added cards are displayed on the screen. After that you can go shopping with a light-weight wallet.

Straight before cash desk switch on Cardberry gadget and sync it with your smartphone. Then choose a necessary card in your app and press ‘Send’. Data from the chosen card will be transferred via Bluetooth to Cardberry gadget in a couple of seconds, after which Cardberry will reproduce your loyalty card. Pass Cardberry to cashier and get your discount!

Exchanging loyalty cards with friends and family

You can also exchange loyalty cards with your friends within the Cardberry app to get more discounts for yourself or help friends collect more bonuses. Of course, they should also have a Cardberry device.

For example, you come to shoe store, choose a perfect pair, but unfortunately you don’t have the loyalty card of this brand. Then you open Cardberry app and see who of your friends has it. It is possible thanks to synchronization between Cardberry app and contact list.

Let’s say you find it, and then you send your friend a request to share the card. When approved, the card is available for you, record it to Cardberry and get your discount! It becomes highly advantageous for cards with cumulative “more you shop – bigger discount you get” schemes.  24 hours later, loyalty card will automatically return to the owner, so you don’t have to worry about returning it in time.

Acceptance in stores

You may ask, what about stores? How will they respond to the new tech?Imagine cashier that sees the brand-new card without his company’s corporate identity. What should he do – take it or deny? Company assures that it won’t be a problem. Cardberry team strongly prepares to the launch and has already started a special campaign to inform stores and organizations about the project. First tests in stores in Moscow, Russia already show willingness of sellers to accept the card at over 90% of the stores.

When does Cardberry become available?

Initially the project launches inRussia and United States. First cards for those who pre-ordered will be available in March 2015. Later this year, expansion of Cardberry sales is planned to Europe and China.

Pre-order at 25% discount

Cardberry smart-device is priced at $100. But by placing a pre-order at the company’s website before the official launch you can save 25% by using a secret word TECHATLAST. Check out universal and innovative Cardberry gadget for yourself!





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  1. Sundra Avatar

    Well, I definitely like this concept. I wonder, though, since it already needs to work with a smartphone app, can the physical card just be eliminated altogether? I mean, I think there are also some apps that allow you to scan coupon codes and store it in your smartphone. They should be able to do the same with loyalty cards. Just my two cents.

  2. Varidhi Avatar

    Nice article. Fruitful information. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nagendran Avatar

    Really i should Thank you many many times. Finally i got the answer from your blog. I was tired on searching for this topic in internet. But i did not find the answer for this topic. Thanks again!

  4. john Avatar

    it is awesome blog.

    its really helpful.

  5. Positive Power Avatar
    Positive Power

    Hey! I’m working in software house in Poland and we did a little bit similar project. It’s a Sticky Me, app made for New Zealand clients. If you want to use it you’ve to have a mobile device with NFC and a seller (or a person who’s company is a member of that loyalty program) must have a special tag. So only one thing that you need to have is your smartphone. It looks a little bit easier because Sticky Me eliminate all cards but Cardberry is also a good solution, definitely better that all these loyalty cards that we have in ours wallets.

  6. red dot Avatar
    red dot

    Your site is quite fine and info is really usefull. Thanks for share your idea.

  7. Rahul Sachdev Avatar
    Rahul Sachdev

    Hi Moses,

    Very informative blog i never heard about what is Cardberry . Thanks for sharing such a valuable news.

  8. Baddi Avatar

    Card readers are the best way to copy data. Such gadgets are easily available at cheaper price. A plastic card can be used to put all the cards in it and can be seen at times.

  9. Tabish khan Avatar
    Tabish khan

    Its a great news to hear from your side the changes in technology is reaching a higher level and remarkable.

  10. Adib Site Avatar
    Adib Site

    This is first I hear about cardberry. I thought it was cadburry hehe.. By the way nice info..

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      CardBurry has been for awhile though. Thanks for commenting

  11. Akhil Avatar

    A very interesting topic you had chooses and i like your presentation style.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  12. Alize Camp Avatar
    Alize Camp

    I think the future is not far away anymore, and in that time, we can use one card for everything else.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yeahbsolutely right! With this cardberry card, you can do almost anything and probably soon, you might be able to do the undo-able tasks.

      Thanks for your comment Alize.

  13. Ajay Khatri Avatar
    Ajay Khatri

    Amazing to find so much information in one place! Thanks for it! and congrats on your efforts

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