Know Everything about Google’s Newly Released Android 10

On September 3 last year, Google launched the most recent Android version 10 to Pixel smartphones. Android Q is officially called Android 10 and brought a ton of exclusive features. The latest version came up with several of the much-anticipated features, such as Smart Reply in notifications, Dark Theme, and gesture navigation among others that […]

Phone Cleaner Apps – 5 Super Apps For Cleaning Your Android Phone

If you are having challenges with your Android phone performance, I guess it is high time you find yourself an effective Android phone cleaner app. Discover how to boost your phone performance with Android phone cleaner apps. A good number of people only think about cleaning up their phone when something starts to go wrong. […]

Phone Repair Uncovered: 10 Things Only Experts Know About Phone Repair

Mobile phones are one of the most purchased and used devices all over the world. In today’s era, mobile phones have the capability of doing various things that one could imagine. At some point, our mobile phone fails to work in one aspect or the other. We either have the choice to purchase new ones […]

9 of the World’s Best Smartphones – Make a Bold Statement with Them

9 of the World’s Best Smartphones – Make a Bold Statement with Them It is getting more and more difficult to come to a decision about which is the best smartphone to buy. Because of the number of new variants that are constantly flooding the market, making the right decision has become more of a daunting […]

Top Much-Awaited Mobile Phones for 2019

As a smartphone user looking forward to what is in store next year, here are some of the much-awaited mobile phones coming out in 2019. Now that we’re right in the middle of a progressive digital age, most of us can’t live without our everyday handheld device. Mobile phones have gone a long way since […]

Boredom Killer Apps: 10 Android Apps That Can Help Beat Boredom Quickly

Getting bored waiting in the doctor’s office or on the commute back home? Or is it a slow day at the office? There’s only so much that you can browse through on Twitter and Instagram before getting bored once again. Instead of fidgeting and watching more bored faces, let’s find ways to pass the time […]

Free Android Games: Top 15 Best Free Android Games of 2018

Discover the Best Free Android Games of 2018! Before Android, Windows ruled the gaming world as well as being the best operating system to date. But the introduction of Android 10 years back changed the gaming arena bringing thousands of games and apps on the Android Google Play Store. Compared to iOS, Android apps are […]