Save Our World, Save Our Future One Step at a Time

Can you save our world from global warming?  Sure, the phrase that “not all heroes wear capes” rings true. Time and time again, we see a layman go above and beyond their means in order to help someone or something else. And while this might seem like a pretty bold and even daunting task for […]

5 Ways Mobile Technology Is Helping the Poor

When it comes to helping the poor, more eyebrows are raised. Oddly, one of the greatest ways in which the poor are being aided in the 21st Century is through mobile technology. Yes, there are foundations and societies that offer relief to local communities, and even some that have national programs available in all 50 states, but […]

Google Gives Back 2011- Help Google Gives Back Something to Help Others

I bet you think you’ve knew what I’m trying to do in this post, but, noooo! This isn’t like the normal posts you’re familiar with on this blog – oh, there are some that might look just the same like this post but this one is quite different – this time. This post is all […]