Top 5 iPhone AirPrint Enabled Apps for Your iPhones

5 iPhone AirPrint Enabled Apps They’ve been announcing it for two decades – we’re becoming a paperless society. The predictions started with computers, increased with the internet, and recently got a new lease on life with smartphones and tablets. Here’s the problem – it’s not really happening. No doubt, screens have replaced a lot of […]

Will Your Next Backup Be In The Clouds?

Cloud Computing is the industry’s next big thing. It’s always fun to watch as the different companies reposition themselves to support the next wave, unsure if the wave will hit or not. The good news is… at this point, the wave has already hit, but now we are looking at continued waves and a steady […]

Top Cloud Computing Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Due to loads of emails from users requesting to know more things about Cloud Computing and its features, we have to provide the Top Cloud Computing Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, please read on and learn some things about cloud computing. Let see the frequently asked questions about cloud computing: What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing […]

5 Commonly Asked Questions about Cloud Computing

Commonly Asked Questions about Cloud Computing  The buzz surrounding cloud computing is nearly deafening. There is constant talk about how businesses can benefit by switching to the cloud, but there is still much confusion about the topic. If you’re new to the concept of cloud computing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below, you will […]

How to Move to the Cloud without Breaking Your Heart

If you’re running an organization right now, then you’re probably privy to the new buzzword that’s caught the interest of the business world at large:  “cloud”.  The year 2012 opened with a flood of information on cloud technology, its benefits, and the improvements developers are planning to implement within the year.  That is why, even […]

Telephone Conferencing as the Fast Food Approach to Communications

In the modern business world, standard meetings are sometimes less structured events as they are emergency necessities. In a fast-paced field, the need to get parties together quickly to iron out pieces of a deal may require telephone conferencing in order to successfully reach an agreement. Or, portions of a complicated project may require minute […]

CloudBerry Backup: Automating Amazon S3 Backup on Windows

CloudBerry S3 Backup is a Windows application that automates backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 secure cloud storage.  Cloudberry S3 Backup provides a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to leverage Amazon S3 storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable. Disaster recovery planning is often times an afterthought that comes to light when disaster […]

5 Best Online Backup Services for Newbie and Experts

Data security is one of the important parts of data management. When the point of data security comes, backing up of data comes into picture. Online Backup of data is one of the most efficient data backing service. Let us see which are the best 5 online backup services that you can use for your […]

Cloud Computing Vs Mobile Computing – Which one is the best?

What did you understand by the term “cloud computing” and “mobile computing”? The two hottest and mostly featured topics on the internet world (in the technology circle) throughout this year are; cloud computing (which comprises of series of data stored online for ease of access and modification) and mobile computing (the smartphones and tablets PCs). It has […]