Yara Birkeland – The world’s first autonomous ship set to launch in 2018

It’s hard to turn on your TV or tune in to a technology-focused blog or forum without hearing talk of a newly built driverless vehicle, with Tesla, Google, Audi and even Apple working on variations of the technology. In a recent change of pace, innovators in other transportation sectors have shown a willingness to adopt […]

Time to get meta on META 2, the New AR Technology

Many of us are familiar with the marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man series of movies, where the lead character, Tony Stark controls and augments reality in conjunction with his personal computer Jarvis to create super cool humanoid battle armor for him to save the world with. This is just one illustration of how Augmented Reality […]

Health Care Watch: How 3D Printing Is Shaping the Future of Healthcare Industry

Lately, the process of 3D printing has been receiving considerable media attention. This innovative manufacturing technique permits the remote construction of products via specialized computer printing terminals. A programmable printing head working in conjunction with software deposits material in successive layers in order to construct desired shapes on demand. Some recent developments in 3D printing […]

The Future Of Food – Insects, Algaes, Indoor Farms & Robots

In order to feed the world population of the next 50 years, farmers will have to produce more food than what was totally produced in the past 10,000 years, according t0 Union of Concerned Scientists post. This means that we need to approach food production and consumption from a more creative angle. New and bizarre […]

10 Things To Consider Before Starting An Online Business

By now you might have seamlessly streamed through so many online businesses and not given a second thought as to what goes behind them. Big or small, an online business is easier said than done. In this vast, expanding world of ecommerce, one can never be sure as to what effort is required for a […]

3D Printing Apps By Their Numbers – The Best Apps for 3D Printing Technology

The world is already witnessing significant changes through the use of 3D printing technology. Many people are creating replacement parts or customized designs for personal or commercial use. Technical industries are embracing the possibilities 3D printing provides. As a result, app developers have been producing software that lets you utilize 3D printers in the comfort […]

5 of the Best Jobs in the Computer Science Industry

Computer science has long held a stereotypical image of a bunch of nerds who spend their weekends writing code but with economy now more tech-driven than ever before skilled programmers are highly sought after. For anyone who has a natural understanding of technology or was born tech-savvy then choosing to do an online masters in […]

Ways A Smart Home Can Make You Feel Like You’re Living In The Future

The Future Of Living Is Now With The Technology of Modern Smart Homes. In the early 1960s, a simple animated sitcom changed the way people imagined the future of living. Though The Jetsons only initially aired for four months, the show’s futuristic utopia full of remarkable robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms and other fanciful inventions sparked […]