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  • Google! – Learn How it Affects You Badly

    Google, to many people, is the encyclopedia that can answer any question at any time those that needs the information queries it. There is nothing you want an answer for that you can get on Google once you know how to conduct a research. Since the exception of the internet, people has been using the […]

  • 10 Steps to Design Landing Page with Infographic Explanations

    Are you worried of not making sales from your landing pages? Don’t worry much because some of the problems you are currently facing has been well explained in an infographic photo below. All you are required to do is to take action and read from the top to the end in enciphering the hidden goldmine […]

  • Easy Steps To Improve iPhone Battery Life – Infographic

    Having low battery life on your iPhone? Worry less because we’ve got your back! Wondering how you could reduce your iphone battery lifespan? Discover how to improve your iPhone battery lifespan by 100% following the set guidelines below. How to improve your iPhone battery lifespan with this simple hack! One of the main reasons why […]

  • Alibaba Reach 1 Million Users in UK – INFOGRAPHIC

    Alibaba is one of the largest online marketplace in the whole world when it comes to online e-commerce web portal. You can buy goods and send it to your loved ones in another countries throughout the world, you can order goods and services with rest of mind without the need of thinking if your money […]