3 Ways to Make Remote Learning Easier for Your Child

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the nation, many students find themselves back in their regular classrooms, attending school in person as they did every day prior to March 2020. Some schools, however, remain online or give students the option to attend class remotely, as the pandemic allowed us to stretch our limits of what […]

Hack: How IDP Can Automate Manual Maker-checker Process In Document

How IDP can automate manual maker-checker process in document-heavy back end operations How intelligent Document Processing Can Automate Manual Maker-checker Process In Document Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has been widely used in the last few years to automate various back-end processes in Banking, Insurance, E-commerce, Healthcare, etc. Right from simple KYC documents to complex unstructured […]

5 Ways to Stay Physically Active During Middle Age

Though you may not like to think about it, everybody ages. As you age, you will experience changes in your mind and body that make it more difficult to live the same kind of lifestyle you did as a teenager. Consequently, you may have to reevaluate how you approach different tasks once you reach middle […]

Why the Auto Transport Industry is so Excited About Blockchain

Blockchain is an open-source decentralised public ledger of transactions from start to finish. Anyone can contribute to it by adding new blocks to it; this decentralisation ensures that no single entity controls the system and that changes can be reviewed and approved by consensus before they are included in the final block.

5 Steps on How to Grow Your Subscribers with Email Automation in 2021

Email marketing is an essential component of digital marketing tactics. In fact, a digital marketing plan would be incomplete without it. Email is the most efficient and dependable method of reaching out to your target market and driving sales. It gets your campaigns where they need to go since email marketing generates a lot of […]

What Would the World Be Like If Data Wrangling Didn’t Exist?

Introduction What is Data Wrangling? Principles of Data Wrangling How Would Have Been To The World If The Data Wrangling Process Didn’t Exist At All? 6 Steps of Holistic Data Wrangling 5 Smart Tips for Effective Data Wrangling A Few Questions To Warp Off Your Wrangling Process Introduction to Data wrangling What would our world […]


We are in the middle of 2021, many are considering buying a new phone, so there is a list of phones that pay off the most in 2021. Starting from $150 up to $550, I choose the phones that I think offer the best value for money – the most cost effective phones for 2021. […]

Interview Advice for Software Developers

For many people, having a job interview is a stressful experience. Apart from the pressure of being employed or not, there are a number of questions that must be answered both before and during the interview, such as what to wear, how to prepare, how much money to ask, and so on. Although there are […]

Spring Reloaded: The Three Major Announcements at Apple’s Spring Event

Apple unveiled its hotly anticipated AirTags, iMacs and iPad pros featuring the ARM-based M1 chip on Tuesday.  It’s Springtime in Cupertino, California and almost time for commerce to blossom.  Apple’s April 20 ‘Spring Loaded’ event stayed true to its moniker and turned out to be loaded with product announcements. Here are the three major arrivals […]