Windows 8 Start Screen – How to Skip and Boot Directly to the Desktop

To all of you guys in love with Windows 8 Operating System, I have a great news for you today! Windows 8 came few months back, and its arrival bring joy to people’s face. I could remember vividly how people were searching for Microsoft Windows 8 crack or trial version when it was first launched. […]

How to Speed up Windows 8 Running slow

Windows 8 can have a tendency to run quite slow, especially if you have upgraded from an old computer. Here we have a look at why your system may be running slow and what you can do about it. Determining the cause of a slow Windows 8 PC If it takes a lot of time […]

How to Update Windows 8 Apps Manually

The much awaited, Windows 8 from the Microsoft is finally out and you can get the same by paying for it. Well, I know, you are smart enough that you might have already installed Windows 8 on your system. Right? Thumbs up, if it’s. Well, talking about the Windows 8, it has got plenty of […]

New Windows 8 devices launched by ASUS

Last month, Microsoft announced its new Windows 8 operating System, ever since, device makers has started releasing devices that run on the new OS by the father of all software. The Windows 8 launch was not left out with the Windows Phone 8 that will be running mobile devices, and so many Smartphone makers had […]

Top 50 Best Nintendo Games for 2012

We all love games; there is definitely no age bound to playing console games. You will often find parents fighting a wrestling match against their little ones or even racing a car against their children. The very feeling of dwelling into your childhood is amazing. So, what are some of the games that you should […]

How to Downgrade Android OS from 2.2 to 2.1 or others easily

How to Downgrade Android OS Have you ever had an experience of it before when your android OS is not functioning well as it used to be before due to upgrade and other factors? If you’ve had one before – it is likely that you may be looking for a permanent solution to it now. […]

Microsoft and Adobe to Partner for Casual Game Development on Windows 8

Microsoft and Adobe is partnering with each other for the first time. Adobe, the popular web content rendering site is shutting down its Flash platform soonest, the flash platform which is known to be a rivalling with the Microsoft’s Silverlight. But, it is true that few websites are using the Microsoft’s Silverlight when compared to […]

Be Productive with this Top Windows 8 Shortcuts

Top Windows 8 Shortcuts You Must Know About Keyboard Shortcuts are very useful especially when you want to do things faster. When you are working on your computer and you wanted to perform some tasks which will require a lot of time, without shortcuts, you can spend countless of hours on that tasks. But, when […]

How People Like and View Windows 8 and a newly update Windows 8 cheat sheet

Microsoft Windows 8 is the new baby from Microsoft Windows as of now. The new operating system version promises lots of goodies to Windows OS users, better than the previous versions, like Windows 7, XP and lower versions. With the new introduction of Windows 8, things will become even much more easier for all Microsoft windows users […]