US Data Hack; Sex, Lies and Debt scandals potentially Exposed

Filling up a US clearance application, a 51-year-old military man disclosed his 20 years affair with the wife of his former college roommate, this information is supposed to be classified and remain secret between him and the government. Washington was shaken up last week when information released that hackers had penetrated a database containing intimate […]

Smart Home: Top Accessories to Complement Your “Smart Home” Setup This Year

A “Smart Home” is a streamlined, high-tech sanctuary. It does not have to be a cluttered room with wires snaking around corners and bulging from interconnected devices. An HDTV and sound system are the centerpieces of the entertainment system and are a major focal point of the home. There are three major must have “smart […]

Video: Apple iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen finally breaks

If you haven’t heard of that, Apple is making a sapphire screen on its iPhone 6. Sapphire crystals are durable; making screen out of this material isn’t a bad idea. Apple is trying to make something stronger that won’t crack so easily. In a previous post, I wrote about how my iPad screen got broken and […]

The Best Option of Multifunction Printer

When it comes to finding the right printer, everyone seems to have their own unique standards on what the “right” printer actually is. Some people only care about speed and couldn’t care less about the quality of the print. Others care desperately about how attractive the colours are, how clean the blacks look and they’re […]

Nokia Lumia 1020: The Review

To review the Nokia Lumia camera is like trying to review a standard DLSR full-frame camera. This awesome camera phone literally has a 41 Mega Pixel Camera attached to it back. Yup, you heard me, that wasn’t a typo; the Lumia 1020 really has a 41 mega pixel camera, thereby making it the highest mega […]

Has Blackberry Finally Got Its App Mantra Right?

It appears that the company that produces the BlackBerry is pushing to make a comeback. They are mixing up their marketing efforts and making new strides to try and attract back the customers that they are losing to the Smartphone market. RIM, the producer of all BlackBerry phones, has had a troubling few years. Their […]

4 of 5 US Highest-Paid Executives works at Apple Inc.

Bloomberg Businessweek released the list of the US Highest-Paid Executives, four out of the first five works with Apple Inc, but CEO Tim Cook is not included in the list. As revealed in the 2012 fiscal compensation figures for top earners that was filed with SEC, US Security and Exchange Commission, guys from Apple; Bob […]

What Makes Your Smart Watch Special

There’s likely to be a lot of overt and covert disapproval to your wearing a smart watch. You may hear things like –“watches aren’t worn anymore,” “Use your smartphone” and “it isn’t cool.” Smart watches are still birthing and there are a lot of positive developments possible on the anvil. Smart watches may seem to […]

The SmartWatch Battle: What does Apple, Google, and Samsung Smart watches means

Every day, new trends surfaces in the technology sphere all because of recent technological changes that we have been experiencing for long. Some of the top ranking technology giants do not want to be left behind in the race, that’s why they kept on introducing new ideas and invent new products regularly. Of recent, I […]

Apple Shares to rise to $900 by 2013

Trust analysts, they have a way of following the trend to generate their predictions, mostly about issues that has to do with Apple who tends to be the most secretive in its dealings, analysts with their intelligence and tools comes out with predictions which sometime 100% accurate. This time around, the talk is about Apple […]