5 Top Causes of Slow Internet Connection

Browsing the Internet with a slow internet connection can be a daunting task for the person using the internet to perform a task that needs urgent attention. Such person may become angrier if he/she finds it difficult to access the internet at that very time he’s in dire need of an internet connection.

Internet connection nowadays is becoming much more crowded with internet users who are yearning for fast internet connection and they’re not ready to wait for a website page to load for more than 5-10 minutes before they can have a glimpse of the site contents talk less or downloading files with such connection.Slow Internet connection causes

In reality, slow internet connection is frustrating – it is down to the ground; downloading files from the web with slow internet access can’t just be easier because it wouldn’t just work that way and it is not advisable for you to be using something that doesn’t adds any value to your life.

Here today in this post, we shall be seeing the seven major causes of a sluggish and unreliable Internet connection and a possible solution to most of the problems without much stress.

Factors That May Cause Slow Internet Connection

Damaged Connection Equipments

The type of equipments used for an internet connection setup has a lot to do when it comes to internet connection errors. In most cases, the type of wireless router used for the connection setup might been an outdated one or damaged, and this will have negative effects on your internet connection if care is not well taken as fast as you notice it.


Disturbance in wifi radio access can also cause errors in internet connection. If you are using a wireless router or Wimax internet connection method there is possibility of you not being able to get the best from your internet connection. Error messages here and there can occur.

Most times errors usually occur with wireless method of accessing the internet. In the case of a tall obstructive wall that can block your wireless router signal from sending and receiving internet connection service can cause you to see error messages.

Virus Attack on Your Personal Computer

If your computer system is half-baked in the area of internet virus and malware protection. There is a great possibility of getting continuous error messages in your internet connection. Your internet connection can get affected by your computer system ill health if proper care is not taken.

As a computer administrator, you need to find different ways, which you can use to protect your computer from being infected with trojan viruses that can also affect your internet connection in the long run.

To combat this, you can install a newly update antivirus software (visit our official download page to get latest antivirus that you can use on your computer for free) on your computer for better system protection.

Abnormal Configuration of Your Internet Connection

Another reason why you’ve been getting error messages from your internet connection may be because of how your internet connection is being configured. If you don’t configure your internet connection very well and effectively you might not be able to enjoy the real value of the connection.

Too many people demanding one service (overcrowding)

If there are too many users on the same network that you’re using to access the internet, there is possibility that you can experience errors when accessing the internet at that same time.

What are other ways you think could influence an internet connection performance? Please share them with us in the comment section.

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