CES 2012 in Focus – Tech gets personal at Consumer Electronics Show 2012

There are countless numbers of big manufacturers and startups business reps at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas as they’re showcasing their highly personalized newly made gadgets. Gadget products ranging from PCs, to personalized head mounted cameras and others. The CES 2012 is really awesome because the rate of people’s who came there this year shows that it is a great day with lots of products on display.

CES 2012 VictornoxWith your $3,000 pay for the Victornox, you’re very sure of storing up to 1 terabyte (approx to 1,000 gigabytes) of photos, movies and music files on the device. Isn’t that a great investment? $3,000 for 1,000 gigabytes of space for digital storage purposes.

CES 2012 HEAD MOUNTED CAMERASHead-mounted cameras since ages have been a popular method to record and share some extreme sports and stunts for a few years. But these high-definition wonders from Liquid Image put this camera right into the ski goggles. You don’t need to download anything as you can be able to stream live via a Wi-Fi access to any mobile phone or PC.

CES 2012 LIQUID IMAGEThere is new line of camera coming out from Liquid Image, it is called EGO and has the capacity to help stream live video to Wi-Fi device (any). The EGO’s can be customized with a different mounts & waterproof housings to be useful on surfboards, bikes, cars, kayaks, etc.

CES 2012 NEST thermostatThere’s a new product in town, buildt by some smart Apple refugees, it is called The Nest. The nest is the next generation of thermostat which is very simple to operate and use because it has the feature that you can use to connect it to the Internet.

Now you can shut off heat if you forgot before leaving for your traveling schedules or vacation.

You can as well turn on your AC right from your phone while drving home to make the room cooler and okay. Its price is presently $249 and no subscription needed.

CES 2012 Garmin G6 GPS TRACKER

The new Garmin golf GPS course offers you over 20,000 of golf course all over the world conviently on the new Garmin G6 golfing GPS TRACKER. It has the features that lets you record stats and upload them to your PC and you can get this gadget at $299.

CES 2012 Basis watch

The new Basis Watch is just perfect example of an explosion of gadgets and apps that aim mainly at promoting better health. The Basis Watch worth $199 at stores and it includes a sensors on its back that help track calories burned, heart rate, level of activity and sleep duration. All gathered information and data are automatically posted to the website of the company where you can access them by yourself to keep track of your health and there is no subscription required to access such information.

CES 2012 folding Yoga PC

At times, you may want to get a tablet, sometimes you may want to get a full-keyboard laptop. But with the new Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga, you will get both without hassle. The new gadget offers you the two feature at the same time, you want tablet; you will get it and if you want a laptop; you will get it as well with this device. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is a super-slim PC which weighs around 3 pounds.

CES 2012 folding PC YOGA

This new gadget welcome the entrant of Yoga into the mobile gadget world because it can lay perfectly flat on the floor or you can use it as a laptop as well. It comes with the latest and unreleased version of Windows 8 Operating system. You should be expecting paying nothing less than  $1,200 per year for it.

CES 2012 Tagg tracker GPS dog

The new Tagg tracker is a GPS device which can be attach to Fido’s collar. It can be programmed to help track the safety of your dog. It can help you trace your dog’s safety zone – the place it must not reach in your compound or anywhere in your neighbourhood. The device works in an excellent way with its ability to send email and text message alert when the dog is out of the safety zones prescribe for it. Once it sends the email or text message, you can then use the information and its GPS Tracker system to track the dog without hassle. It costs about $100 with monthly subscription of $8.

cES 2012 headphonesWhen headphones need play music and say something about your personality, these blingtastic ones from Monster could do the trick. The company rep said the crystal model is very popular with men in Asia but we’re not so sure about how they’ll be embraced un the U.S.

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