How To Change Your Google+ Username to share it with others

Google plus is one of the new products that which Google recently introduced to most of its users which comes in form of a social networking site. The service is the ideal method to send facebook to its early grave if it goes the way they said they are going to do it because this service has many features which facebook can’t do on their platform except with the help of third-party apps.

Few days ago, I received my second invitation to the google+ services about 7 days after I have received the first one from Onibalusi Bamidele but I was unable to login to the service then and I have to wait for the time until when my friend from sent me another request which I accepted immediately.  It is very hard for now to enter the google plus service but in few weeks time, the service will become available for everybody to use.


I know very well that you would want to say why this because what is the essence of telling you the above short story without showing you how to be a partaker of this great social tool which promises more future than any other social networking sites on the net?

How Can I Change my Google+ Profile ID?

Shortening your google plus social page ID is very simple once you know how to go about it. I was just browsing through one of my friend’s website (TechGopal) and I stumbled upon an information on how to change Google+ username to more easy to use form and I think I need to show you how here too.

First of all, if you are not yet on Google+, you can join here and start using the service. Then after that you can change your profile picture and some other useful information that can make your profile looks great and after that go to and change your Google+ URL to a more memorable one so that people can use it to find you on google plus. Use the image below to understand how to go about it.

Copy your profile URL as in the above picture and then head-over to Google Plus Username edit page and enter the username you want (that will have to be your brand name e.g. TechAtLast)

Then insert your details in the box provided and press the ADD button and it will show you your username just like this:


Google has officially announced a new feature which lets user change their Google plus ID to something like this and the likes. So, if you don’t like the style, you can use Google’s own feature.

Once you finish this, you can then start sharing your profile details with your friends on other places like facebook so that they too can come and join you.

Thanks for reading this 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can also watch this video to see how to create it easily here.






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  1. adnan Avatar

    Great stuff you write about.. I think google+ is going to send Facebook to an early grave… how fast or slow remains to be seen. It’s a matter of how much google delivers on it’s promises.

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      Thanks a lot for this awesome reply. Yeah! I am very sure that Google will send facebook to an early grave if facebook still rely on its power when it supposed to start working out new things. Thanks for this and also welcome here 🙂

  2. merry Avatar

    Try this for Google plus username or short url –

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      That’s cool. Why can’t you write a review on it and submit for publication?
      BTW: Thanks for this 🙂

  3. Bronwyn Avatar

    Evening, thank you for this information. I have watched the screen capture and it is always easier to see something done than read it. I am grateful for the time you took to do this for us. byeee

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      Thanks for the comment friend 🙂

  4. chodaumoi Avatar

    Thanks post

  5. Shemul49rmc Avatar

    Your site is loading too slow and also comment loads faster than content !

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks for this feedback. We shall take a look at the cause.

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