5 Characteristics of Great Photo Websites of the World

Many photographers find it difficult to create and maintain a successful website. There are lot of photo websites online but just few could be regarded as great photo websites because they have not been able to serve the purpose they were created for – a great photo website should be able to serve the site visitor all kind of information they need at first time of coming there. It has to be well-designed and have good layout with great income generation ability etc.

The following are some of the elements that characterizes successful or great photo websites.

Xties of Great Photo Websites5 Characteristics of Great Photo Websites

Integrated revenue generation

Every website should be able to generate revenue in some way. There are many readily available tools which can be installed in a site to make money. You can sell license images as royalty-free or rights-managed, and other images as prints. For people who would want an image on their phone or as a wallpaper on their computer, you can sell personal use downloads. If your site is popular and receives a good amount of traffic, you could also sell advertising space like this website (Aff link). Take advantage of every available money making opportunity.

Easily indexed by search engines

Any website can benefit from the traffic which comes from search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. Therefore, your website should be built in a way that allows search engines to index all your content. This means that your text should contain many keywords. In addition, you need to use relevant keywords in your images captions and “alt” tags. Meta page descriptions and page titles should also be carefully written. Most importantly, make sure your website’s URL is keyword rich.

People link to it

When it comes to search engine optimization, one of the most vital elements is the links to your site. A website which has many inbound links is considered by search engines as important or valuable. Therefore, having many links will result in a higher ranking.

So how do you go about getting more links to your site? First, you need to generate high quality content so as to motivate others to link to you. If you write about a topic from a unique perspective, people will want to discuss it. You could either make it funny, innovative or controversial.

Make it as easy as possible for others to link to you. Add social media share buttons on your pages which will enable people to share your posts on different platforms. At the same time, you need to open accounts on various social networks and begin to post frequent updates about your projects. This way, others within your network will also be able to share your work.

Site can be analyzed and measured

How much traffic are you receiving on your website? What do your visitors do while there? Which are your best sources of traffic? Many people cannot answer these questions in regard to their websites. Fortunately, there are many free tools available, such as Google Analytics, which can help you keep track of all that is happening in your site. By using such tools, I have enabled to make more informed decisions regarding my blog.

Frequently updated

Websites that are updated frequently usually have a higher search engine ranking than those that are rarely updated. One of the best ways of keeping your site updated is by establishing a blog. You can write posts about your projects, your thoughts or your images. Blogs are very cost-effective and easy to use. With services such as WordPress and Blogger, you can create a blog at no cost.


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  1. Eldorado Avatar

    I love photo websites and I think you have nailed how to make a good one.

  2. Marlo Morrison Avatar
    Marlo Morrison

    Flickr and Photobucket are one of the well-known photo sharing sites. You’re right, easily indexed by SE’s are somehow considered to be good.

  3. FATbit Avatar

    Web design needs a lot of research, an extreme sense of art, and design oriented skills. There are certain principles based on which impressive, functional and beautiful website designs are created, besides of course natural awareness of the basics and precedence… (Wherein you present an easy guide to the eyes of the visitor)!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, you are right. You need to research very well for good results

  4. Cortez Szymczak Avatar
    Cortez Szymczak

    I think this web blog contains some very good info for everyone. I shared a link to this post on my twitter account.

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