Children Will Experience More Wrist and Finger Pain With Gaming Devices


Children experience Wrist and finger pain when using mobile gaming devices, reports suggested.

The trends in the computer gaming and mobile apps is on the rise everyday and statistics show it that more children will continue to buy one or two mobile and computer gaming applications often and often if proper care isn’t taken to prevent this situation and this can cause some certain diseases on the children in near or later time.
Due to unhealthy use of mobile devices, children are likely to experience wrist and finger pain when using mobile or computer gaming devices over time.

The solution: What can be done to prevent this is well said in this writeup at ScienceDaily. Continue to read the post and the outcome of the research over there.


  1. Well these days even a child on first grade have a cell phone, this can really effect the upcoming generation.

    I guess its not good to give them personal phone atleast.

    • Yes, it is but parents also have a lot to do in this case because the future of their children depends solely on them. They should find ways of attracting their child to do more other things than playing. Reading is there and many other things that children can be doing to bolster their future.

      Thanks for commenting,

      -Olawale Daniel

  2. I am guilty about this, my 3 year old son has his own computer and he plays a lot of online games and now i am having a hard time stopping him or giving him limitations. I am a work at home Mom and the only way tha tmy son won’t interupt me during work is when he’s also using his computer. Thanks for this post i have to work out on giving limits to my son I am worried now.

  3. I’m worried about my little sister, due to my work she learned to play a lot on computers, when she’s not home she’ll still find some computer renting house to play there. And she’s only turning 8.


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